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Four soldiers forced to work for ex-officer’s sordid guest house

The Commanding Officer of an Army unit is in hot water after he failed to recall four soldiers attached to a retired Major General. The fact that these four soldiers were ‘working’ in a guest house owned by the retired officer, who served in key locations, came to light when Army Commander Lt. Gen. Crisantha [...]

President responds to widespread protests: VAT relief for the people

President responds to widespread protests: VAT relief for the people

Ministers told to cancel overseas visits, go to their electorates and solve people’s problems Sirisena accuses media of being heavily against the Govt, takes measures to strengthen control over SLFP CBK also enters the fray, calls for sacking of top members of ‘Joint Opposition’, but dissidents form shadow Cabinet while Rajapaksa waits in the shadows [...]

A lot to be learnt

My Dear Mervyn, I never thought I would be writing to you in this manner but now I think I must. That is to tell you that you now have a competitor who seems to have beaten you hands down, just as much as Angelo Matthews and his team were well and truly beaten on [...]

Improving macroeconomic fundamentals vital to cope with global uncertainties

Improving macroeconomic fundamentals vital to cope with global uncertainties

The adverse impact of Brexit on the economy may be overstated and will take time to manifest. Of more concern are the fundamental weaknesses of the economy highlighted by Moody’s and Fitch. The downgrading of the country rating by these international rating agencies just prior to Brexit compounded the economic anxieties of the country. Improving [...]

Putting the countryon the correct path

Recently, we planted 3,000 thibbatu plants around the Beira Lake. We did this to help cancer patients as thibbatu, which can be prepared as a vegetable dish, has anti-cancer properties. We have a responsibility to work for the future. This is so not only in the field of health, but also in administration. When we [...]

On that ‘Judicial Coup’ and other aberrations

One must confess to being somewhat tickled this week by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s use of the Singarasa precedent in making such a sparklingly scandalous allegation as a judicial coup against Parliament. Sorting out the fundamentals The Speaker is now expected to rule on the relevance of Singarasa on the people’s (and the Parliament’s) sovereignty [...]

The return of the prodigious son to brave Central Bank challenge

Dr. Coomaraswamy vows to instil credibility to the nation’s supreme board of fiscal policy The confounding fog that had descended on Lanka’s Central Bank and turned it into Bleak House was dispelled on Monday morn when a welcome ray of English summer sunshine streamed through its portals to illumine the dark interior with sterling integrity [...]

Battered and bruised Blair remains unrepentant

Last week was the anniversary of the 7/7 terror attacks in London 11 years ago that left death and destruction in its wake. The anniversary fell at a time when the country’s politics is on a roller-coaster after the referendum vote to leave the European Union, the Prime Minister announcing his resignation and the main [...]

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