Instant Food Instant food or convenience food are the foods that are usually ready to eat without further preparation. Though they are easy to eat, they are not suitable for our health. Because of their busy lifestyles, people have got used to going to shops and buying these instant foods. Various food additives, preservatives and [...]

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Instant Food
Instant food or convenience food are the foods that are usually ready to eat without further preparation. Though they are easy to eat, they are not suitable for our health. Because of their busy lifestyles, people have got used to going to shops and buying these instant foods. Various food additives, preservatives and colouring are added to foods like instant noodles, meatballs, sausages and short-eats etc. in some hotels and restaurants, previously made mixtures are used to make food.

There are many harmful effects of eating this kind of food. Day by day, people in our country get non communicable diseases like Diabetes, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Cancer and many more. The life expectancy of these people is gradually decreasing. Though these foods give a pleasant smell and taste, it can cause long term diseases.

Considering the past, people were very healthy because they only ate healthy food which did not contain harmful things, but now nearly everybody in the world has these diseases.

So what should we do to prevent this? We have the ability to cook healthy food instead of eating instant food. Then we will be able to protect ourselves and save the money we spend on instant food. So let us eat healthy and be healthy!

Sanara Kothalawala (Grade 8)
Yasodara Vidylaya, Colombo 8

My school
My school is Musaeus College. There are many
students and
teachers in my school. My school colours are blue and yellow. My school is celebrating its 125th birthday this year. My school is the best school in Sri Lanka.
I love my school.

Esheli Ranawaka (6 years)
Musaeus College

My mother
My mother’s name is Nuzha Shamroz. She is 29 years old.
My mother has two sons.
My brother Umar and I.
My mother cooks tasty food.
She washes my clothes and helps me with my homework. She takes me for swimming classes. She likes to watch TV.
My mother’s favourite food is chocolate cake and her favourite drink is vanilla milk. My mother’s favourite colour is red. She has a lot of red shalwars. My mother teaches me a lot of good things.
She is the best mother in the world. I love my mother a lot.

Naqeeb Shamroz (7 years)
Zahira College

As I was sleeping on my soft white pillow
I dreamed I saw a tree called a Willow.
I could hear the wind rustling in there
And the fairies singing happily there.

I could hear the clock ticking away
And the owl joyfully hooting away.
The frogs were catching some tasty flies
While the beautiful fairies were asleep in the night.

The bats were flying high in the sky
And eating fruits and playing with the fireflies
The mermaids were swimming in the sea
And the dolphins were jumping above the sea.

I saw that it was so beautiful
I also wanted to stay there too.
I liked the animals the best of all
But nothing is better than my little house.

Miriam Ranjithan
(8 years)
St. Lawrence’s Convent

My trip to Nuwara Eliya
When I got my school holidays I asked my father, “For this vacation where are we going?” He said we are not going anywhere because our little princess was not well. After hearing that, my elder sister and I were very sad. On April 12, my mother was packing our bags so we asked her where we were going and she said we were going to Nuwara Eliya. We shouted Hooray!
We started our journey at 7a.m.

On the way we went to Leisure World and had breakfast. In Yatiyantota we had lunch at our aunt’s house. After lunch we went straight to Talawakele. On the way we saw lots of natural sceneries and tea estates. Then we went to see Devon Waterfall. We took some photos there. After that we went to the Waterfall Villa and stayed there for one day. It was a nice place and we could see Devon Falls from there. In the morning when I opened the window I got fresh air to breathe.

We next went to Ambewela. There we saw goats, cows, bulls, calves and rabbits. I saw the milking of cows. After that we met our uncle’s family. We came to the town and had our lunch. Then we went to see Nuwara Eliya Town, Victoria Park, Gregory Lake. Afterwards we went to Hilltop View Resort and stayed there. The next morning we went boat riding on the Gregory Lake. Then we went to the mosque for Friday prayers. Later we went to see the Mackwoods Museum and tea estate and we had our evening tea there. Then we came to the Strawberry Farm and saw strawberry trees and baby strawberries. After seeing all this we came back home.

It was a memorable trip for us.

Usman Hunaisdeen (Grade 3)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda

William Shakespeare
Out of all the famous people in the world, Shakespeare is my favourite.
He was born in 1564 near London in
the city of Stratford-on-Avon.
His father was a leather merchant.
He was third of six children.
In his Grammar school he learnt poetry, history, Greek and Latin.
His wife was Anne Hathaway.
They had a daughter and twin boy and girl. They were Hamnet and Judith.
The daughter was Susanna.
He wrote plays and was an actor as well. Some early plays are ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ They had their plays in a theatre called the Globe Theatre. Some of his other plays are ‘Hamlet’, Othello’, ‘King Lear’ and ‘Macbeth.’ Later he became very rich and bought a large home called ‘New Place.’ He also became famous for his poetry and sonnets. He died on his 52nd birthday.
He is credited with introducing nearly 3000 words to the English language. It is said his works are second only to the Bible.

Kavindu Munasinghe (Grade 8)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

The most interesting storybook I have read
Children enjoy reading storybooks. I have read many storybooks. Reading is my hobby. ‘Amba yaluwo’ is my favourite storybook.
The story is about two children. The story teaches us to be helpful and to be kind.
The author is Mr. T. B. Ilangaratne. The book helps to develop healthy attitudes. The story is interesting and enjoyable. The book helps to develop good values. Readers get much pleasure by reading the story. Readers get much knowledge by reading the story.
The story is important to children.

Sesadi Gamage (Grade 7)
St. Anthony’s Convent, Kandy

My first day at school
My father took me to the school. I still remember my first day at school. It was a joyful day. My father met the principal and
I got admission to the first standard.
My Grade 1 class teacher is Mrs. Chinthika. She welcomed me. She was very smart and so kind. She has a charming personality. She asked my name. There were many colourful toys in the class. In the break I started to play with my classmates.

S. Sathurjanan (Grade 3)
Sussex College, Bandarawela

If I had wings
Wings, having wings is very special. Only lucky people like angels get wings. Birds also have wings. Wings are very special things from God to the birds. Whoever has wings can freely fly forever.
If I had wings I will explore the whole universe. I can go to other countries without any passports.
I can go to forests and eat a lot of fruits and also bring some for my family members. I will also help the poor by giving them food and water. I will go to my friends’ houses.
Wings are very useful for people.
I will also shelter my wings when rain comes. I will never walk if I had wings. If I had wings I will be the happiest person on Earth. I wish I had wings.

Zaina Rajap (Primary 5)
Adventist Int. School, Negombo


Let’s go green
‘Happy is the man who acquires the habit of loving the environment.’ Showing love and affection to the beauty of the environment is called eco-friendliness.

Today Earth is commonly known as the ‘Green Planet’ due to its illustration with many forests of trees. The trees provide a hub of activities for man as well as animals around him. Trees help to maintain the water cycle and also maintain the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the atmosphere. Trees provide timber, fruits, vegetables, medicines, shade and many other useful things.
Deforestation of trees would create a drought like living place. Today man, in order to construct new factories, houses, farms cut down trees.

If trees are cut down the oxygen we breathe will decrease resulting in an imbalance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Deforestation also leads to global warming. Carbon dioxide harms the Ozone Layer so that ultra violet rays might enter the Earth and this results in skin cancer. This will also melt down the icebergs due to excess heat and resulting in land areas sunken by water.
If people acknowledged the adverse effects of cutting trees, water crisis would be minimized. So let’s spread this green umbrella all over Sri Lanka and practice the saying ‘if you cut one tree plant ten more’.

Savindu Herat (Grade 10)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

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