My best friend My best friend is Dilna Vinoli. She lives in Meegoda. She is seven years old. She is in Grade Two. Her school is St. Michael’s College. Dilna likes to eat ice-cream. She is very good. Sichani Kumari (Grade 2) St. Michael’s College, Homagama We kids can change the world I am a [...]

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My best friend
My best friend is Dilna
Vinoli. She lives in Meegoda. She is seven years old. She is in Grade Two. Her school is
St. Michael’s College.
Dilna likes to eat ice-cream.
She is very good.

Sichani Kumari (Grade 2)
St. Michael’s College, Homagama

We kids can change the world
I am a kid and I think we kids can get together and change the world. I have seen in the television a story of a boy who was playing with a ball and accidently broke a window in his neighbour’s house. He felt bad and went and admitted his mistake and he was forgiven. We should also know that elders should not have anger and hatred. I have also seen people who get angry with their friends, neighbours, brothers and sisters but I think that we should all be friends and saying sorry is the best way to start because life is too short to be angry with people.

Kids express their feelings and thoughts by drawing pictures, writing poems and stories. I once read a story about a girl, who received lots of presents for Christmas. But she felt sorry for the poor people and she went and gave some of her presents to the poor families. Therefore we kids should show our elders how to be more friendly and united with each other and together we can make a better place to live.

Indumini Samayadasa
(Year 4)
Asian Int. School

My hobby
My hobby is collecting Hot Wheels.
First my mother bought me two Hot Wheels from Glitz. When my mother’s sister came
from New Zealand, she bought me a lot of
Hot Wheels.
Now I have collected about 45 Hot Wheels.
I like to have more Hot Wheels. Still my mother’s sister sends me Hot Wheels when she can. I got five Hot Wheels when I came first in class. My mother bought those from Arpico Supercentre. I have lots of different types of Hot Wheels in different colours.
I love my hobby and I enjoy playing with my Hot Wheels.

Zenith Perera (8 years)
Wesley College

In the past, our kings constructed tanks and lakes especially designed to collect water. They also built canals to get water from the tanks. When there is no rain, drought sets in. Most of the water dries up.
The largest lake in
Sri Lanka is the Parakrama Samudraya built by King Maha Parakramabahu in the late
12th century.
97% of water on Earth is sea water. 2% of water is in the form of ice. Only 1% of water can be drunk!

Asha Afaf (11 years)
Hejaaz Int. Girls’ School, Dehiwala

My trip to Polonnaruwa
I went to Polonnaruwa with my
parents and my friend’s parents.
We left our home by 4.30 in the
morning on April 14, 2016. We stopped at many places. Before going to our
hotel, we went to the Somawathiya Temple at Polonnaruwa. At 2 p.m.,
we were at our hotel. Our Hotel’s name was The Lake Hotel. It’s near the
Sudu Araliya Hotel. In Grade Two, I went to the Sudu Araliya.
The next day we went to a museum at Polonnaruwa. We went to the
Parakrama Samudraya. We bathed at Parakrama Samudraya. We came back to our hotel and went to the pool.
On April 16 we went back home to
Ratmalana. I enjoyed my trip to
Polonnaruwa very much.

Dineth Gunawardana (Grade 4)
S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia

Swag talks
I’m Swag. I’m not sure how I got this name… My mother died when I was a baby and I remember howling and crying in a drain. Then one day, I heard a boy saying, “Can we take this poor thing home?” The boy and his sister felt sorry for me and took me to their home. The girl gave me a cup of creamy milk. Yum! Then I saw an enormous man and a nice looking lady coming my way. Were they going to throw me back in the drain?

The man picked me up and hugged me.
Yuck! That felt bad! After that hug,
I knew I could make myself at home.

Time passed.. I was taken care of very well. The small boy used to carry me around which I did not like. I start yelling when he does that. I like to be left alone.
I know when I want to be petted, NOT when they want to pet me. The person I like the most is the lady. She is the person who gives me food. When I get hungry, I only have to look at her and she knows what I am trying to say. She is my favourite person. I think she gets annoyed with me when I refuse to have a bath…
I learnt many things, living there.

I learnt to go on night visits and I found my first friend next door. I learnt how to hunt. Rats are my favourite targets but I prefer to play with them rather than eat them. Yuck!
Well time passed, I have been living like this for two whole years and have found many new friends as well as a few enemies. This new life is wonderful! Meow… Meow… Aren’t I a lucky cat?!

Bhanu De Silva
(11 years)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda

Vesak Full Moon Day
Vesak is very important and special to the Buddhist people. Because the Buddha was born, he became Buddha and passed away. All things happened on a Vesak Poya day. We can’t celebrate Vesak happily because he passed away on a Vesak Poya day. On the Vesak Poya day the full moon is bright like a star. The whole area is shining.
On Vesak days we give dansals, make Vesak lanterns, help the poor etc..
In our mother’s time, people made Vesak lanterns at home. Now we have Vesak lanterns to buy in different sizes, colours, shapes. For example, lotus, star, diamond etc.
Living according to the preaching of the Buddha is the best way to celebrate Vesak.

Sonali Akarsha (Grade 5)
Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama

My city
My city Kandy is situated in the Central province. It is famous for the Temple of the Tooth and many religious places. There are Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus in my city. It is one of the biggest cities in Sri Lanka. The surrounding hills make my city beautiful. Many tourists visit my city because of its beauty.
Yaasir Rizwan (8 years)
Wesswood Int. College

My pet
My pet is a cat. Its colour is white. That’s why we call it Whitey. It likes to eat fish. It can catch mice. Whitey plays with me. It likes to drink milk. I love my kitty Whitey.

Thiruneelgander Pragatheesh (Grade 2)
Roman Catholic Tamil V., Wattala

How I spend my vacation
On April 8, I got holidays from school.
My mother and father came to take the report card and the test paper file. After they looked at the test marks they were happy.
For the holidays my family and I went to Grandma’s house. I went there and enjoyed with Grandma. I played with my neighbours. At Grandma’s house I ate tasty food. I enjoyed a lot.
On April 23, I came home. I went to church on Sunday. On April 25, I came to school. I had an enjoyable vacation at Grandma’s house.
Shehara Shelomi (Primary 3)
Adventist Int. School, Negombo

Mother Mary
Our mother is Mother Mary. She gives us many things. We celebrate Mother Mary’s birthday in September. She loves us. She prays for us. She leads us to Jesus. We offer flowers to Mother Mary
She tells us if you want to fight with Satan, take the rosary. She is with us. Mother Mary loves us very much.
Ronel (6 years)
Jennings Int. School,

Advantages of gardening as a hobby
Gardening is a very good hobby. We can get a lot of exercise by doing gardening. We can improve our mental and physical health. We can get many advantages by doing gardening.  We can keep our blood pressure and cholesterol levels controlled. It reduces problems with heart diseases, diabetes and other non-communicable diseases.

When we are inactive we become overweight. There are many exercises we can do in the garden. Some of them are trimming shrubs, weeding, clearing land, raking, digging, spading, tilling etc. They provide exercise for the whole body. I think we can maintain a good health by gardening.

Yalindie Hemini (12 years)
C.W.W. Kannangara Girls’ C. C., Mathugama


A visit to my grandmother’s home

We woke up early in the morning. We washed our faces and brushed our teeth. Then we packed our things in the car. Then we started the journey. When we were going we saw lots of rubber trees along the road. For our lunch there was a nearby shop. We got our lunch from there. Then we went to the car and started our journey.
When we were going we passed tea plantations and there were beautiful rivers. I was so sleepy. When I came to sleep, my sister was lying on the seat. Then I slept on her back. When I woke up we were there in my grandmother’s house.

Udara Weerasekara (Grade 3)
Vidyaloka Model School, Hingurakgoda

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