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Behind the scenes of a beauty blogger

Behind the scenes  of a beauty blogger

Doing makeup can result in either a hit or a definitive miss- ask anyone who sports a wicked winged eye-liner. It takes more than a steady hand, quality products and confidence according to Lankan beauty Guru, Roshani Kumarasinghe. “All it really takes is practice” to look your best. If the idea of changing one’s facial [...]

Making it to the top

Making it to the top

The past month has been an experience both of us are never going to forget! We have been honoured to be provided with the opportunity to meet with the President of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena, the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, and the Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara and the Tourism Minister John Amaratunga. All of whom [...]

‘21st Century Monk’ in Kandy

‘21st Century Monk’ in Kandy

‘The 21st Century Monk’, a production by Sri Theatre Company will be performed in Kandy on April 9 and 10,  2016. Fresh from their performance in Bangalore, India last month, ‘The 21st Century Monk’ is a comedy which takes on the story of a lawyer (Waruna) who decides to become mute for the rest of [...]

Virtual bulletin board with Buzzbird

Virtual bulletin board with Buzzbird

The idea for Buzzbird,  Chief Executive Officer Amrit Rupasinghe explains, was prompted by an onslaught of communication channels. His previous workplace had three offices located in three separate sites and required constant liaising between each other. There was a Facebook group for the younger people to communicate with each other, official notifications were sent via [...]

Mariah Carey cancels show in Brussels

Mariah Carey  cancels show in Brussels

Mariah Carey cancelled her concert in Brussels, Belgium last Sunday following safety concerns. The singer was to mark her birthday with the concert in the European nation which was at the centre of several deadly bomb explosions last week. Carey took to social media to announce the concert cancellation wowing to return to the City [...]

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