A gift of three little kittens A surprise gift package was in store for us from our gracious Aunty, an animal lover, living down Galle Road, Colpetty. We were highly thrilled and excited by her kind gesture. The package consisted of three little cute looking kittens, just two months old. Two were black and white [...]

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The magical gift of God


A gift of three little kittens
A surprise gift package was in store for us from our gracious Aunty, an animal lover, living down Galle Road, Colpetty. We were highly thrilled and excited by her kind gesture. The package consisted of three little cute looking kittens, just two months old. Two were black and white in colour and the third one was grey.

They all looked so playful and naughty and they started to run about as soon as they were taken out from the box. After we gave them a heavy meal of milk, they immediately cuddled together and fell fast asleep. They grey coloured one was my instant choice and my pet. I named him ‘Tiger’. My younger brother Usman selected a black and white kitten which was named as ‘Garfiel’. My younger sister Thameena had no other choice but to take over the other black and white kitten and named it as ‘Alwin’.
Tiger, Garfiel and Alwin are now being looked after very well and receiving right royal treatment, enjoying the hospitality and the comfort of our ‘Home Sweet Home.’

Ahmed Umar Asri (10 years)
Zahira College


My name is Senali Lakithma. I am seven years old. My school is Musaeus College.
I am in Grade Three. I live in Mattegoda.
My best friends are Akithra, Sethumdi and Naduli. My favourite game is chess. I like to eat fruits. I like to drink orange juice.
My hobby is reading books. My future
ambition is to be a doctor.

Senali Lakithma (Grade 3)
Musaeus College

My teacher
My teacher is Ms. Sumudi. She is 24 years old. She lives in Padukka. She works at
St. Michael’s College.
Her favourite colour is pink. She likes
to eat ice-cream. She likes to drink Faluda.
She is very good. She is very kind. I love my teacher.

Miyasi Pahandi (Grade 3)
St. Michael’s College, Homagama

My pet
My pet is a cat.
It’s name is Chandi.
It likes to eat sweets.
It likes to drink milk.
It’s colour is brown and white.
My pet can climb trees.
Chandi plays with me. I love my pet.

Mayuri Wijesingha (Grade 2)
St. Michael’s College, Homagama

My friend

My best friend’s name is Senali. She is seven years old. She is in my class, Grade 3G. She is a beautiful girl. I love Senali.

Akithra Muthugala (Grade 3)
Musaeus College

True Friendship
Friendship is a golden gift, it is the only relationship on this earth which is truly priceless. When you have a bunch of amazing friends, the journey in life becomes more joyous and vibrant. True friends are there to laugh at your joy and lend you a shoulder when you shed a tear. Life will remain bleak if you aren’t going to share it with genuine friends.

Often we cannot share our deepest secrets with our family members but if we have a true friend, it’s easy to share your inner thoughts with one another. He or she would guide you like a tunnel of light. When you take a wrong path, they may scold you, if you commit a mistake, they may show you the right path.

Misunderstandings may crop up and this may shatter your friendship. Always be the first one to save your friendship. Never let your friend just go. Hold his or her hand and apologize if you are wrong. There is nothing more pathetic in life than losing a true friend.

‘Friendship’ is a divine word. Treasure it! If you already have a true friend, value him or her the most. If not, he or she is somewhere around. Figure him or her out, for the benefit of all.

Wimandhya Abeysooriya
(Grade 9)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda


There are many trees in the world. Some trees grow naturally while some are planted. Trees are very important in our environment as they produce food, oxygen and help in the water cycle. Trees have many parts such as the roots, trunk, leaves, branches, flowers and fruits. All parts of the tree are useful to humans and animals.
Some trees are big and occupy a large area such as the Banyan tree. Some trees grow tall and don’t give much shade such as the Coconut tree. Many birds, animals and insects make their homes in trees. Tree trunks are used to make furniture such as Teak tree, Oak tree and Rubber tree. We should always care and protect the trees around us.

Rahma Rushdie (Grade 3)
St. Paul’s Girls’ School, Milagiriya

My mother
My mother’s name is Dilshani Priyangika.
She’s 35 years old. She likes to eat rice. Her father’s name
is Ariyatunga.
Her mother’s name is Prema.
My mother is a teacher. She loves me a lot.
I love my mother very much.
This is my mother.

Dihen Yapa (7 years)

Leadership – a good asset to the society
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” This is a famous saying by Steve Jobs, the founder of
Apple Company. The world today has positive leaders as well as negative leaders. Negative leaders rise up due to lack of leadership qualities within them. So if a leader follows and practices leadership qualities he will become a good leader. Some believe that just commanding is leadership. But no, the real meaning of leadership is defined as commanding, guiding leaders and others in the correct path.

Leadership acts as the secret for the success of a good leader. Today, the positive leaders have a well developed punctuality because they know the real meaning behind the statement, ‘Time is money.’ They have a certain goal which they try to reach with courage and determination. They have team spirit and better innovative skills. They are mentally strong to tackle a problem and lead others. Their qualities are immeasurable.

Today, present leaders misunderstand politics with leadership. This is not what the real leadership is meant for. Let us make this word leadership a useful and great asset to the society. Finally my wish is that more positive leaders will erupt from the violence of the volcano Earth.

Savindu Herat (Grade 10)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

My garden
My garden is very big.
My garden has many beautiful flowers and trees. My garden has many birds and butterflies.
My garden is very nice. There are grass and benches in my garden. There are many fruits. Bees drink honey from the flowers.
I play in my garden. My mother is looking at it. I love my garden so much.

Elaria (Grade 3)
Jennings Int. College,

My class teacher
My class teacher’s name is Ashta. She is 19 years old. She is kind. She teaches us English.
She is my friend.
She advises us and tells stories. She plays with us.
She is fair. She is tall. I love my class teacher very much.

Salma Lafir (7 years)
Harrow Int. College,

I am a girl. My name is Nathasha Sonali Athugala. I am 10 years old.
I study at Royal International School Kegalle. I am in Grade 5.
My best friend is Elaxy Umayangana. She is a good friend of mine.
My favourite food is chicken fried rice. My favourite drink is lemon juice. My favourite colour is red.
I have a sister. Her name is Dulakshi Umesha Athugala. I like to play with my sister in my leisure time. My favourite subject is Science. Therefore my future ambition is to be a doctor.

Nathasha Athugala (Grade 5)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

The magical gift of God
God is the Supreme Being who blesses and gifts humans with gifts. All beings are born with the blessings of gods. The thing that God gifts us with at our birth is the most precious thing we get throughout our life. It is none other than our parents.
They do their best to provide us with our needs. Their love towards us spreads up to the unlimited sky. There are no boundaries for that love. Our parents don’t expect gifts from us when we grow up. Their only expectation is to see us at higher levels in the society. Even that will benefit us and not them.

In the present world, the main issue is that after the children grow up they forget their parents. As a result they dump them in elders’ homes. Due to this many elders lead a sorrowful life at the latter part of their lives. Even now from today onwards we should stop that behaviour. As dutiful sons and daughters let’s make our parents’ life a pleasant one.

Subodhi Weerasekara (Grade 10)
Ananda B. N. S., Hingurakgoda

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