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In dependence of our Independence

Sri Lanka celebrates her 68th anniversary of Independence next Thursday and it seems someone has a twisted sense of humour or timing to have the UN Human Rights chief arrive the next day to discuss purported war crimes of the same Armed Forces that displayed their hardware with a ‘spit and polish’ drill display along [...]

Davos: Dreams and realities

All eyes were on Davos, the picturesque Swiss town that overlooks the snow-capped Alps where at this time of the year, the world’s business hot shots try to solve the global economic problems in four days. Sri Lanka was represented by the Prime Minister no less and the big guns in the political and commercial [...]

Stomach more sensitive than the head

If the public were to run away with the thought that nothing has really changed since January 9 last year given the grand celebrations to mark the nearly new Government’s first anniversary; they could perhaps be excused.┬áThe tamasha was subdued and less in intensity to the grandeur and extravagance of the past aimed at puffing [...]

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