Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage was established on February 16, 1975 and was established by the Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife and Conservation. It is situated in Pinnawala in the Kegalle district.  In the beginning, there were only five orphaned baby elephants but now there are 88 elephants which include 37 male elephants and [...]

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Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage was established on February 16, 1975 and was established by the Sri Lanka Department of Wildlife and Conservation. It is situated in Pinnawala in the Kegalle district.  In the beginning, there were only five orphaned baby elephants but now there are 88 elephants which include 37 male elephants and 51 female elephants of three generations. It is said to be the largest herd of captive elephants in the world. There are  48 mahouts or handlers who look after the elephants.

Since there is very little vegetation for the elephants to feed in their natural habitat, they feed on large quantities of jak fruit, coconut, kithul or palm sugar, tamarind or grass. Adult elephants eat about 250kg of vegetables and 2kg of rice or maize. Elephants are such healthy creatures as they eat all their vegetables. There are also a few disabled elephants at the sanctuary. Tourists are welcome to come and watch these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Vinuth Siriwardana (11 years)
Vidura College

My father
My father’s name is
Rohan Kotudura.
He is 48 years old. He is very tall. He is working at Augustine Motors. He likes to eat pudding. He brings me sweets and toys.
I love my father.

Methuli Kotudura (7 years)
Samudra Devi B. V., Nugegoda

My Teddy Bear
I have a little teddy bear. Its name is Teddy. My mother gave it to me on my birthday. It is light purple in colour. It has a pink mouth and pink ears.
It has yellow paws.
It eats and sleeps with me. I take Teddy with me to the park.
We play many games together. I keep my teddy neat and tidy.

Amuthini Shanthakumar (Grade 4)
Bishop’s College

Our Solar System
‘Solar’ means ‘of the Sun’. The solar system is made up of planets going around the sun. There are eight planets in our solar system which is called the Milky Way galaxy. The planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Earlier there were nine planets. Then scientists found that Pluto does not belong.
The hottest planet is Mercury and the coldest planet is Neptune. The biggest planet is Jupiter and the smallest planet is Mercury. There is only one planet which has life on it in our solar system. That is our planet Earth. Earlier scientists thought that there is life on Mars but later found out that there is no life. I hope that scientists find another planet with life.

Rasindu Rabel (9 years)
S. Thomas’ Preparatory School,
Colombo 3

Cricket is a very famous game all around the world. In my country Sri Lanka, they play very powerful cricket. My favourite cricketer is Kumar Sangakkara. My favourite bowler is T. M. Dilshan. He bowls very fast. The Sri Lankan team is famous all over the world. Sri Lanka won the Cricket World Cup in 1996.
The cricket teams that I like in the world are; Sri Lanka, England, India, West Indies, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, New Zealand and Bangladesh. Cricket is an awesome game and is loved by youngsters. Cricket is a professional outdoor game played in many countries on a national and international level. There are two main people, a batsman and a bowler playing at one time. Both are changed timely when the batsman is out or the bowler has completed his number of balls in an over. Before the start of a match, a coin is tossed to decide which team should bat or bowl.
Cricket is a hard game and must be practiced on a regular basis. It is interesting to watch as well as to play. Cricket is my favourite game.

Chamoth Madusanka (13 years)
Ananda College

I see blue
I see blue everywhere.
I see it in the sky.
I see it in ponds, rivers, lakes and oceans.
You have blue paper, pens and pencils.
Blue plates, cups and spoons.
There are beautiful blue birds
that sing sweet little songs.
Blue is a primary colour.
A colour that makes other colours.
It’s an important colour.
I see blue everywhere.
I see it up in the sky and down in the ocean.
Blue is my favourite colour!
Is blue your favourite colour?

Pethara Guruge (12 years)
The British School in Colombo

My Siyathaththa

My Siyathaththa is Mahindalal Fernando. He was a Naval Chief Officer. He is 66 years old. He made me two cars with steering wheels, gears, honks, brakes, accelerating meters and a real key to start my cars. He can make anything that I ask. He has a special workshop in the corner of our garden.
I have a lot to say about him. I am his number one grandson. I love him a lot and I wish him a long healthy life.

Thenuka Fernando (7 years)
Royal College

My class teacher
My class teacher is
Ms. Vimukthini. She teaches us Sinhala. She is about 30 years old. She lives in Ja- Ela. She is kind. She wears beautiful saris to school. She comes to school early in the morning.
She narrates beautiful stories to us.
She gives us good advice.

Methupama Wijerathna (Grade 4)
Holy Cross College, Gampaha

The most beautiful place I visited
Horton Plains, Galle Fort, Dunhinda, Belihul Oya, Haputale, Gregory Lake are some of the interesting places that I have seen. But the most beautiful place is Belihul Oya. It is in Ratnapura district in Sabaragamuwa province. It is thirty kilometres from the city of Ratnapura.
I visited this place last vacation with my parents and friends.
Water flows down as a veil of a princess. The drops of dew, cools our body. The sound of the waterfall is very fantastic for my ears. The way of cascading water is an eye catching scene for onlookers. We bathed in this waterfall. The water is icy cold as water in the refrigerator. We bathed shivering in the oya. My friends pushed me to the water and I swam away.
I still remember the experience I had there. It is an enchanting place for both Sri Lankans and foreigners. I like this place because it gives me a mental satisfaction and freshness to the body.
I will never forget this place throughout my life.

Sirani Kaluarachchi (11 years)
Sanghamitta Girls’ College, Galle

A magical spell
When I hear the words ‘A magical spell’ what comes to my mind is fairies, witches, wizards and sorcerers for they are the ones who cast them. There are many stories in which spells take place. For example, Cinderella. Her fairy godmother helped her to go to the ball. In Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent the evil witch cast a spell on her, so that she would fall asleep forever. The bad version of a magical spell is a curse.

We all believe that some sort of magic happens in our lives. That a moment is absolute magic.  Our teacher taught us how to cast spells. Can you guess what it is?  ‘A Smile’. It works wonders. When I was a small child there was a girl who hated me for no reason. Once she had dropped her book and I picked it up and gave it to her with a smile and she returned with a broader smile. So you see even the smallest action can end up being a magical spell.

So let us start a magical spell around the world with a pleasant smile to each and every one you meet.

Jessica Meurling (13 years)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

I’m a chair
I have four legs. There is a cushion on me. People sit on me. People sleep on me. People keep things on me. People make me with wood.
People like me. People keep me in the sitting room.
I’m beautiful. I’m the best chair ever.

Udara Weerasekara (Grade 3)
Vidyaloka Model School, Hingurakgoda

My trip abroad
During this vacation, I went to Malaysia and Singapore with my family. After landing in Malaysia on the fourth of December, first we visited the limestone hills of Batu Caves. First time in my life I went in a cable car on Genting Skyway.
Next day, I visited Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. We enjoyed many thrilling rides and participated in fun activities. Then we went across the land to Singapore. In Singapore I went on a night safari. We visited Universal Studio also.
My most thrilling adventure was going on the world’s tallest roller coaster and Transformers ride.
I saw many live cartoon characters there. After spending three days, we flew back to Sri Lanka.
I am very grateful to my parents for giving me this trip. I hope to go to Universal Studio one day.

Tharupa Wijerathna (Grade 7)
Rahula College, Matara


Sun rise, women cook,
Babies cry, men work,
Birds sing, children study,
This is how the day starts.

Vehicles busy on the road,
People off to work,
Labourers carry load,
While afternoon follows,
This is how the morning ends.

Zahra Razmy (10 years)
Loyal Ladies College

My aunty

My aunty is Mayuri. She is my mother’s sister. She is 28 years old. She has long hair. My aunty is a housewife. She comes to my house every Sunday. My aunty brings sweets and toys. She tells me beautiful stories and plays with me. My aunty loves me.

Thenuli Sandunya (8 years)
Bandarawela M.V.

Elephant is black colour.
Elephant is very bigger.
Elephant has a long trunk.
Elephant is very fatter.
Elephant likes to eat fruits.
Elephant likes to eat banana.
Elephant likes to eat sweets.
Elephant likes to drink water.

Savithma Rathnasekara (8 years)Holy Family B.P.S., Wennappuwa

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