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Constitution making while economy collapsing

Is it going to be a Constituent Assembly or a Constitutional Assembly? Will the provisions of the 13th Amendment be expanded to provide for more devolution; is it going to be ‘Federal’ or ‘Unitary’ or ‘United’; how much powers will Parliament and the Prime Minister have and the President not have; what is going to [...]

Stomach more sensitive than the head

If the public were to run away with the thought that nothing has really changed since January 9 last year given the grand celebrations to mark the nearly new Government’s first anniversary; they could perhaps be excused.┬áThe tamasha was subdued and less in intensity to the grandeur and extravagance of the past aimed at puffing [...]

Welcome to a friend indeed

The Prime Minister of Pakistan arrives in Sri Lanka tomorrow and here is a visitor for whom rolling out the red carpet is richly justified. For Pakistan has been a sincere friend since its creation as a sovereign state in 1947 and Sri Lanka’s Independence a year later. Pakistan’s unwavering support, militarily and diplomatically, in [...]

Promises to keep and miles to go

As we come to the end of another Gregorian calendar year, it is stock taking time on the State of the Union.The beginning of the year was a watershed in the recent annals of this country. A once exceedingly popular leader, described only by his detractors as a ‘dictator’ and referred to in the foreign [...]

Number one priority: Go green now

What was expected to be only “hot air” from the recent Paris Climate Change summit refreshingly turned into a triumph for the ‘cool heads’ with a historic agreement being reached.┬áNegotiators last weekend agreed to work out ways and means to bring the Earth’s temperature down below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degree Fahrenheit) i.e. to the [...]

Exploiting poverty

The case of the Sri Lankan maid in Saudi Arabia seeking clemency from a death by stoning sentence has grabbed the attention of the public, the media, human rights activists and politicians alike. The Government has claimed a Pyrrhic victory so far by having the case re-opened by way of appeal. While one could pray [...]

Donor in Business Class, Recipient First Class

If Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake can recognize his own Budget proposals when it comes to the final vote on December 19, he could consider himself lucky. Such are the pressures on him from various quarters to cut and chop, and amend, his original suggestions, notwithstanding the fact that the Government received a two third majority [...]

Paris: Preserve or Perish

“Hot air”. That’s what many pessimists expect from the Paris Climate Summit next week which over 130 world leaders, including our own President Maithripala Sirisena, will attend. It has been long hyped as the ‘last chance salon’ for Planet Earth before it self-destructs. With the world getting hotter, freak weather patterns causing droughts, floods and [...]

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