Myself My name is Aamina Gaffoor. I am five years old. I am studying at Royal Institute. I am in Grade One. I have two sisters. I live in Nawala. I like to draw. I like to play with dolls. My favourite fruit is guava. I like to wear frocks. My best friend is Amanda. [...]

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My name is Aamina Gaffoor. I am five years old. I am studying at Royal Institute.
I am in Grade One.
I have two sisters. I live in Nawala.
I like to draw. I like to play with dolls. My favourite fruit is guava. I like to wear frocks. My best friend is Amanda.

Aamina Gaffoor (Grade 1)
Royal Institute Girls’ School

A rainy day
Today was a very rainy day.
I was at home playing with my friend when I heard the little pitter-patter of raindrops against my window. I looked out and saw the clouds becoming dark and the birds flying to safety. I also felt the slight breeze and heard the rustling of the leaves.
Then suddenly the patter stopped and rain started pouring. I wore my raincoat and went to play in the mud and send paper boats. My friend who didn’t like the rain at all, stayed indoors to read a book. I saw people carrying umbrellas and rushing to their homes. Other people who didn’t have umbrellas were rushing to shady places. I also saw the roads muddy and drains blocked. Then suddenly I saw a huge lightning strike and a clap of thunder which made me run back home.
After a while, the rain stopped. I felt the cool breeze and saw the trees looking fresh. I love the rain very much because it helps Mother Nature look beautiful and fresh.

Roshith Abeysundara (9 years)
St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4

My pet

My pet is Kitty
Who is always pretty
He is fluffy and fat
He is a cat

He likes to chase mice
But hates to eat rice
His favourite is fish
And empties the dish

He likes to play with the ball
But not with all
He sleeps under the tree
Which is always free

Waseema Nawfer (12 years)
Ilma Int Girls’ School

My father

My father’s name is Mohamed Zahran. He is 42 years old. He is an old boy of St. Joseph’s College, Colombo. He is a businessman. He likes to eat rice and curry and likes to drink fruit juice.
My father loves to drive cars and motorbikes. He teaches good habits to my sister and me.
He buys toys and storybooks for my sister and me. He is a wonderful father. I wish him a healthy and long life. I love my father so much.

Shirazna Zahran (8 years)
Muslim Ladies’ College,
Colombo 4

Recreations and healthy people
What is the most valuable thing that a country should have? It is a healthy nation.
So, how can a nation be healthy? Eating healthy food, a correct way of life and sufficient exercise helps you to be healthy. To my knowledge, sufficient exercise is the most important thing to being healthy.
Exercise means recreations. Recreations give us a healthy body and a clear mind. That is why children are encouraged to engage in some sport by their parents. Now it has become compulsory in all schools in our country. Exercise prevents you from many medical problems, diseases and it develops your immunity.
Recreation also helps to keep a good blood pressure, protects you from heart attacks, diabetes and obesity. If you exercise you can maintain a slim body.
We all have busy schedules with school but must have a small time for recreation. Our childhood never comes again. So, enjoy it with recreation.

Venuli Vonara (14 years)
Anula Vidyalaya, Nugegoda

Internet and the young generation
Internet is a global computer network that is used for exchanging and providing a variety of information and facilities. Internet can be simply called  as the Net.

The Internet has given the human race an unlimited amount of knowledge. Without leaving the comfort of our homes, you can shop for clothes, purchase concert tickets and pay bills without even speaking a word, online. The internet is used constantly in our daily lives and it has changed our fast world to an even faster one.

The younger generation has grown up with the internet and it is used almost every day in their lives. It can have both a positive and negative impact on the social skills of the young generation.

The internet is a wonderful invention. Social media such as Facebook allows access to anyone at anytime throughout the world. Email is the most used form of communication. Internet gives quick access and information but young children can get addicted to the internet and Facebook. The internet has become a major source of entertainment for the young and it has changed the way they communicate.

I think children should use the internet only for studying. But I still love the internet. I use it only for studying as it is an advanced technology for studying.

Sanjukktha Giridharan
(Grade 5)
Royal Institute, Nugegoda

My favourite animals
My favourite animals are dinosaurs. They lived on the earth many million years ago. There were three kinds of dinosaurs. Some ate meat. Some ate plants. Others ate both meat and plants. They lived in the land and water. Some could fly. They were dangerous and fearful.
I like them most because they were the biggest animals on the earth.
I can draw them well.

Thamara Wijerathna (Grade 4)
Rahula Primary College, Matara

My country
My country is Sri Lanka. It is the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean.’ Colombo is its business centre.
Sri Jayawardenapura is the capital of Sri Lanka.
Coconut, rubber and tea are three of the main crops of Sri Lanka. There are forests, rivers and waterfalls in my country. The national flower is the Blue Water Lily and the national tree is the
Na tree. Sinharaja is a valuable gift of God we got.
We must protect my country. I love my country forever…

Pasindi Anupama
(Grade 5)
Dodangoda M.V.

Athila got a pet
Once upon a time, there lived a little girl in a hut. She had only her grandmother with her.
One day, she wanted to look at the new pet shop. So, when she was going, she met a man who had a rabbit.
“I thought he would not stop,” the girl said. “But he stopped. I was surprised. So I ran away home. Again I went to look. He was still there. But suddenly he stole my bangle and disappeared and I cried and cried till night. Then again when I stopped crying my bangle was on my hand. I went home happily. And when I went home, there was a rabbit. I took it as my pet.”

Zawnah Faris
The Int. School, Galle

My mother
My mother is Ramanie. She is an English teacher. She is good and kind. She loves me. I love my mother very much. She gives me everything. My mother is my favourite person. God bless my mother.

Randeer Perera (Grade 4)
St. Anthony’s College, Kandy

Off season trip to Sripada
We woke up in the morning to start our trip to Sripada. Brother, Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather and myself joined the trip. We travelled by car and cab. While travelling we enjoyed the outside beauty. First, we passed Gelioya and Gampola. Next we passed Nawalapitiya and we were going uphill. We felt cool watching tea estates, waterfalls and mountains like Sapthakanya. After passing Mousakelle and Maskeliya, we stopped at Nallathaniya Temple. The priest gave us tea and we took breakfast.

As it was off-season, no pilgrimages and all boutiques were closed. Our grandparents were not happy about our journey. My mother, brother and I started to climb Samanala Kanda. We met a few foreigners and a few others going up and down. We passed Seethagogula and Mahagiridamba. We stopped at a few places as we were tired. One police inspector gave us some biscuits.

Within three hours we reached the Sripada. When the priest saw the three of us he was surprised. The priest was very kind. He opened the shrine room and we worshipped the Lord Buddha’s footprint. The priest gave us polythene covers because of the rain.
We started to climb down the hill. We were scared because of the thunder and lightning. We didn’t have biscuits and marshmallows to eat while coming down.
We were tired so much. We had our lunch at 4.30 p.m. Then we came at last home.

Layanvee Ariyasena (11 years)
Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy

Home accidents
When we talk about home accidents, there are two types. They are common house accidents and major house accidents.
When we take common house accidents, there are specific places at home where they can happen. Some of them are in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and on the stairway. Most of the housewives face these accidents when they get involved in kitchen work. Most of the children fall from the stairway and break their bones. Also, most of the dreamers who dream at night, fall down from their beds while dreaming and get major injuries to the heads.
So, if you want to get rid of these types of accidents, you should be careful in what you are doing.
Some ways to avoid them are by not touching current sockets with wet hands, cutting procedures to be done carefully and slowly. Before going to bed, engage yourself in meditation so that you could avoid seeing fearful dreams, but have a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.
If one could be very thoughtful in doing ones’ duties very carefully, home accidents could be prevented to a large scale.

Kavindu Munasinghe (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

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