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Checks and balances are vital

One of the significant aspects one notices when a President visits Parliament – not as a Minister of Finance, but as the President, is where he sits.  He occupies the Speaker’s chair — and the Speaker comes down from his pedestal to take a seat below the President. Clearly, it denotes who the Boss is; [...]

Cohabitation with bad-fellows

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe must surely be thinking to himself why on earth he suggested a National Government given the way we understand he has had to fight tooth and nail to have his party-men slotted into key Cabinet posts. The undercurrents of Cabinet-forming under the MoU with the SLFP seemed daunting. He could have [...]

Election victories bring hopes, expectations

It was ‘vox populi’ — the voice of the people. The people have indeed spoken and, in a broad sense, endorsed the January 8 changing of the guard in the country’s politics. The results declared last Tuesday (parties) and Wednesday (MPs) are a true reflection of what the people of this country wanted; some to guide [...]

Vote responsibly

The General elections will take place tomorrow, and like all such elections, this one is crucial to the country and the likely direction it will take in the next five years. In the past, these elections were even more significant. They were clashes between the Free Market economy and Socialism; a choice between a pro-Western [...]

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