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Affronts to the electoral process

In most born-again democracies — countries which have escaped from the grip of long totalitarian rule –in Eastern Europe a few decades ago, some in Africa and more recently in West Asia, voters at their first elections would display their index finger to show the indelible ink painted on it…



Remembering the thinker and tinkerer

Remembering the thinker and tinkerer

Deepal Sooriyaarachchi, Chairman of the panel of judges of the Ray Award remembers first spying Ray Wijewardene across the room with a sense of nostalgia. Sooriyaarachchi was delivering…

‘Seeing’ a new country

Chatting over post-dinner drinks and an enthralling performance by performers of the traditional martial arts – Agampora – at the Cinnamon Bey at Beruwela on Monday night, Nigel…

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Not cricket, not civil, not nice… I know someone who, when Sri Lanka plays India, always supports India. I know someone else who, when Sri Lanka plays Australia,…

Air Force shapes animal care culture

Air Force shapes animal care culture

A wet nose pokes out from behind red metal mesh. The magi board stuck on the doorframe tells us the curious white Pomeranian peeking out at visitors is…

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‘A love like this’ blooms

‘A love like this’ blooms

Veteran filmmaker Chandran Rutnam’s newest play “May Wage Adarayak” (A love like this) is now being…

Two Lankans instated in ‘Songwriters Hall Of Fame’

Sebs 1983 batch celebrates 50 years

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Funday Times



Over 200 children from Years 5 and 6 of the British School in Colombo delivered a…

Swing High

Kids world

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