Mother India is governed by Delhi and their vision is different to that of the politicians. It is an India that includes all countries where Indian labour were taken as slaves by the British and where some Indian population lives, to be declared vassal states of Mother India. So the programme to destabilise the surrounding [...]

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CEPA is an attempt to eliminate a Sovereign State


Mother India is governed by Delhi and their vision is different to that of the politicians. It is an India that includes all countries where Indian labour were taken as slaves by the British and where some Indian population lives, to be declared vassal states of Mother India. So the

File picture of a recent CEPA event.

programme to destabilise the surrounding countries and sovereign states started with independence from the British and the founding of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Mauritius are some of the countries that are and will be affected by the destabilisation process undertaken by RAW. While some may welcome it, countries like Sri Lanka with long recorded histories of their own that go back thousands of year, should resent it.

Many may regard India as a friend for centuries, this naivety should stop. There was no country called India till independence from the British in 1947. Even the, over 640 principalities were brought together, at great loss to the owners, the Maharaja’s of the small states, to form the India we know of today. Portuguese Goa and French Pondicherry still remained outside. So even Queen Victoria’s claim to be the Empress of India is flawed, as it raises the question, there was no one entity called India and Britain never had jurisdiction over the whole of the sub-continent. Sri Lanka’s early cordial; relations were with Magadha in the north of the sub-continent.

In his book “The Discovery of India’ compiled and written while in Prison between 1942 and 1946″, Jawaharlal Nehru, later to become the first Prime Minister of “Modern India” presenting his book, referred to it as an ancestral gift to a new nation. For the first time within its pages he compiled a broad historical view of the sub-continent beginning from the Indus Valley, to include the great philosophies, to the Government under the British, viewed through the eyes of a liberal Indian fighting for the independence of his nation. Nehru argues in his compilation that his “India” was a historic nation with a right to sovereignty.

A nation little understood as the sovereignty of neighbouring countries are constantly stepped on by RAW-governed Delhi who are a law unto themselves overriding the politics of the country. As we Sri Lankans have experienced in the recent past, the 30-year war, the racial riots, the Parippu drop, poaching by Indian Tamil Nadu fishermen and other unrests all have been engineered by the Brahmins in Delhi. The CEPA agreement if signed involves the total immersion process . the final takeover of a sovereign state. While the country is kept in the dark and Sri Lanka denies signing the CEPA with India, Delhi is surreptitiously implementing the CEPA as they are confident that there is no experienced political entity with a strong vision for the future of Sri Lanka and a backbone to oppose them. The Government of Sri Lanka has foolishly granted India permission to start an ambulance service, a service that would entail the vehicles and the necessary personnel to give logistic support, who may even be specially chosen RAW operatives who will be officially spread all over the country. Why an ambulance service in the sovereign state of Sri Lanka by India? It is a total disgrace, “A Henagahana Aparadha yak”.

The Sri Lankan army in the past has responded and offered their service to the nation in disaster management, why have they been disregarded? If requested an ambulance service is something the army could have easily run as part of their civilian duty. It would have been efficient, clean and well run like one of their operations as they have the personal to handle it. The service could have been based out of the camps in the districts. Instead the shameless so called ‘politicians’ who don’t care even a ‘Thambha Tuttuwa’ for Sri Lanka, especially as their base requirement is personal survival will sign off anything and then spend hours, days and years justifying it.

What will the Indian CEPA offer next? Nurses and doctors for the Sri Lankan hospitals, teachers who will be required to teach Hindi as a second language in our schools, the list is endless and includes the Sri Lankan TV stations being required to dedicate 50 per cent of their TV time to screen Tamil and Hindi films. While a group of schoolboys tickle themselves over a glass of brandy, celebrating their new found euphoria, the ruthless RAW Brahmins in Delhi will take this opportunity to implement as much of the more dangerous and irreversible aspects of the CEPA to their advantage as India aggressively shoves Sri Lanka towards becoming a vassal state of India. It is all part of the Indian dream for the region and in this case even to India’s surprise, the whole is being offered on a plate sooner than expected. What a handsome bonus for India.

While a small mediocrity will celebrate the move by India, the innocent majority in Sri Lanka will see their beloved country, a country with the longest documented history in the region, a country sitting on an ocean that should have been rightly named after this island or at least as the Asian Ocean, systematically their children for, lost forever, sold off to the ruthless least bidder. In the past the price for treason was ‘Ulathiyanawa’ or being quartered tied to the ‘Puwak’ tree, even than there was a choice but with CEPA you don’t, it’s all or nothing. Wake up Sri Lanka, wither goes thou, from the frying pan into the fire.

Could we not as a country stand up even with “Polpittas” tied to our backbones if we don’t have any and say NO TO CEPA? Sri Lanka don’t sacrifice your future generations for short-term political gain!

Ashley de Vos
Mawatha, Colombo 2

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