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Leaders passing the buck to the voters

There is this old joke of how a man wanted to serve his country and thought one way would be to get elected to the country’s Parliament. So, he got himself nomination from a political party, and was duly elected. He went to Parliament and returned home after 30 days.…



High point in high tea

High point in high tea

The scene was picture perfect: The table set with dainty floral-patterned china. Against steaming tea pots and cocktails was a marriage of two chefs’ vision of French food…


L.S. Perera A partnership that grew from our Thomian days When Rohini asked me to deliver an eulogy at this service, I obliged without any hesitation. We are…



Some guidelines to elect better representatives With the upcoming elections, political parties are busy finalising the lists of nominees. Some parties have declared that nominations will be given…

The ‘sound’ of silence

The ‘sound’ of silence

It is way past lunch-time that the father and son walk into the Sunday Times offices in Colombo 2 but not a murmur arises from 11+ Akindhu, unlike…

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Vyapam:  Deadly exam scam shakes India

Vyapam: Deadly exam scam shakes India

India’s highest court has ordered the nation’s most powerful investigation agency to investigate a massive college…

Regulators tighten scrutiny of India clinical research firms

Body parts, bloody battles and being one of the boys

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Mirror Magazine

‘We will be back for more’

‘We will be back for more’

Zurich International School students who were here on a sports and community service tour share their…

Lakshitha’s world made of clay

Just for listening ? Think again

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TV Times

When hobbies take flight

When hobbies take flight

In a bid to encourage the hobby of designing, building and flying of a model plane,…

Where will your next meal be ?

‘Maranaya Nomile’ : An influence from Marathi theatre

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Funday Times

Kids world

Kids world

Father’s Day My father’s name is Nasim. He is thirty seven years old. He lives in…

Rewarding nature for its valuable service

The Bully

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