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International Yoga Day

Trickling down from the traditions of the Indus Valley civilisation, the world has collectively recognised India’s contribution to wellness in the form of Yoga. “Yoga is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with ourselves, the world and nature” said Prime Minister Modi in a compelling address to the United Nations General [...]

Through the skies of Colombo

Excited crowds watched as a helicopter flew in to the Max concert at the Panadura beach with a Malibu Max 320i cruiser motorbike, and 7 customised cruisers roared through the crowds at the event. It was part of MAX Fairness, Fair & Lovely’s fairness cream for men’s latest campaign. Designed in Miami by American designer [...]

Festival of choirs

It’s not often that we hear four choirs from Colombo’s leading schools at one concert but this is the rare opportunity for lovers of music to hear the choirs of Bishop’s College, Ladies’ College, Methodist College and St. Peter’s College as they perform a varied programme of music, ranging from popular music to sacred music. [...]

Sewing machines distributed

Sewing machines were distributed among women who are part of the Pragna Pradeepa Diriya self-employment project at the Dhamma Sri Maha Bodhi temple in Godigamuwa, Maharagama. Founder of the Pragna Pradeepa concept and Western Provincial Councillor Jayantha de Silva was the chief guest at the event.

S.L. Gunasekera: A patriot par excellence

S.L. Gunasekera: A patriot par excellence

S.L. Gunasekara, fondly called SL was a true gentleman, a man for all seasons and an eternal hero of our battered nation. He was a true patriot who had an abiding love for his motherland and its people. The security, unitary state and territorial integrity of our nation was his foremost concern. He sustained a [...]

WHO approves China flu vaccine, lauds growing industry

WHO approves China flu vaccine, lauds growing industry

SHANGHAI (Reuters) -The World Health Organisation (WHO) has approved a Chinese influenza vaccine as being safe and effective, only the second Chinese vaccine to receive such status reflecting the growing clout of the country’s drug makers. The WHO said in a statement on Friday that it had “prequalified” a vaccine made by Hualan Biological Bacterin [...]

No compromise in national security: New SLAF chief

No compromise in national security: New SLAF chief

Air Marshal Gagan Bulathsinghala, who this week assumed duties as the Sri Lanka Air Force Commander, said there were no plans to expand the Air Force, but it would continue its role in maintaining national security. In an interview with the Sunday Times, the new commander said the Air Force had no plans to compete with [...]

Chamali: A political lesson in Cambridge

Chamali: A political lesson in Cambridge

A British citizen of Sri Lankan descent, Chamali Fernando is not one who shies away from a challenge. When she was selected by the Conservative Party led by Prime Minister David Cameron to contest from the Cambridge constituency in the May 7 British general election, she plunged head-on into the campaign. The seat was won [...]

Setting the record straight: Police Chief is a man of experience

I read the article in the Sunday Times of June 14 with much interest, but I was disappointed that several inaccuracies had been mentioned by the author. Knowing both the present IGP, N.K. Illangakoon, and the author of the article, Retired SSP Tassie Seneviratne, I was quite surprised at these inaccuracies. Therefore, I pen these [...]

Revolution and reaction in biopharming

STANFORD – Obtaining medicines from plants is not new. Aspirin was first isolated from the bark of the willow tree in the eighteenth century. And many other common pharmaceuticals, including morphine, codeine, and the fiber supplement Metamucil, are purified from the world’s flora. More recently, scientists have developed techniques that take this process a step [...]

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