One night I opened my cupboard and then I saw a small mouse. He was a small mouse. So he couldn’t even hold the books he was holding. I asked him why he was inside my cupboard. He raised his cute head and looked at me. He said that he was searching for some suitable [...]

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Showing gratitude towards our elders


One night I opened my cupboard and then I saw a small mouse.
He was a small mouse.
So he couldn’t even hold the books he was holding. I asked him why he was inside my cupboard. He raised his cute head and looked at me. He said that he was searching for some suitable books.

I asked him why he was searching for some suitable books to read. Then he said that all the mice have to celebrate five months called as the ‘Gratitude Days.’ That is why he was searching for a few suitable books to give some elders. So because of that I let him take a few books.

After a few months, I nearly forgot about that little mouse. Then one day I found some huge new books. Then I remembered about that little mouse. In return for the books I had given him, he had given me some new books.
Because of this I learned a lesson. The lesson was that we should pay gratitude towards everyone.

Narmada Bharathi (9 years)
Sussex College, Kandy

Water is life
Water is nature’s most precious and valuable gift to man. Indeed, water is life because man, the flora and fauna all depend on water to survive.
If there is no water there will be no life on earth. Man can live without food for a few days but man cannot live without water even for one day.
Three-quarters of the world consists of water, while man’s body consists of 75% water. Water is most essential for our survival. We get water from different sources like, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, wells, springs, snow, ice, rain and the mighty oceans and seas.
We need water for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing, cleaning, for agriculture, for factories and industries and to generate electricity. Good drinking water is limited, that’s why we must not waste water. We must conserve water for our survival
Shaini Nerita (Grade 6)
Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama

My father
My father’s name is Roshitha Fernando. He is a bank officer.
He works in the Commercial Bank at Polgahawela. He wakes up early in the morning to take me to the school van. On rainy days, he carries me to the van. He helps me in my studies.
My father gives me all the necessary things. He takes me to the fair to buy vegetables and fruits that I like. During holidays, Thaththi takes me and my sister on trips. He shows us beautiful places with waterfalls, rivers and mountains. When we went to the zoo, he described the different birds, animals, fish and other animals.
I look up to him for everything because he is the most kind and lovable person in my life. He is my hero. I love him very much.
My Thaththi is the greatest gift God has given me.

Dilshith Fernando (Grade 3)

My father
My father’s name is Chaminda. He is 46 years old. He likes to eat sweets. He likes to drink tea. He has a red car. He has three sisters and one brother. I love my father.

Buhuni Dissanayake
Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy

My father

My father is Mr. Jeseer. He is a businessman. His birthday is on
May 9. He is 39 years old. He is very kind to me. He is a clever man. He is a handsome father. He is helpful in my homework. He is a good father.
I love my father very much.

Fathima Amna (Grade 3)
Amana Int. School, Paragahadeniya

My pet

Pet is the animal who lives in our home. We take care of it with love.
I too have a pet. It is Sudu Kitty.
It’s so cute. It’s white as wool. There are brown spots on it.
Sudu Kitty enjoys milk happily.
It plays with small, small things like balls, pencils and sticks. It likes to hang on trees and to climb up trees. Sudu Kitty likes to play hide and seek with me. Sudu Kitty always makes me happy. I like to play with it.
Sudu Kitty is so soft as cotton. So I like to hug it and to always keep it on my lap. I love my Sudu Kitty a lot.

Hasali Pathiraja (Grade 3)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

A fish
A fish lives in water and wiggles its tail and swims in water and uses its fins, to move everywhere and its tail also. There are different kinds of fish around the world. One of them is the goldfish.

Mariealeni Fernando (9 years)
Adventist Int. School, Negombo

My father

My father’s name is Manoj Fernando. He is 39 years old. He is an old boy of St. Sebastian’s College, Moratuwa. He likes to eat ice-cream. He likes to drink mixed fruit juice.
My father likes to sing and play the organ nicely. His hobby is working on the computer all the time. He helps me and my sister in our school work. He has been to many countries.
He is an IT Engineer. He brings a lot of toys and storybooks. He encourages me to do lots of new things. He likes to help poor people. He works hard to make us good children. I love my father very much.

Mishane Fernando
(Grade 4)
St. Sebastian’s College, Moratuwa

My loving dad
My dad’s name
is Shafraz. He is
33 years old.
He is very tall and smart. He is very handsome. He loves chocolate cakes.
He buys me lots of toys and takes me out every weekend. He helps
me in my studies. He is my
super hero. I love you dad.

Safiya Shafraz (Year 1)
Ilma Int. Girls’ School

My father
My father’s name is Milroy. He is working as a manager.
He likes to read newspapers.
He brings me toys.
I love my father very much.

Sanjana Jeyakumar (6 years)
St. Bridget’s Convent

My Dad is Superman
My dad’s name is Shamroz Musthary. He is very strong, kind and handsome. He loves to drive cars. Dad is a good and careful driver. He sometimes drives very fast.
My dad teaches me good habits. He teaches me what is wrong and right. He loves me and my brother a lot.
Dad you are my Superman and I love you very much.

Naqeeb Shamroz (6 years)
Zahira College, Colombo 10

My hero

Heroes are people who have done unbelievable things in the world. There are many heroes in our country too. Out of them, my hero is my loving father. Not like other heroes, he has done many great things. I think he is the best hero in the world. He does many great things.
He works without resting day and night, without looking after himself, to educate me and help me grow up avoiding obstacles. When I get sick he treats me well. He gives me many advices as he still thinks I’m a small baby. When we go to a shop, he buys me all my essential needs and want.
He is a great father because he doesn’t show his love to my only physically but I identify his precious love by the things he does for me. It is my duty to fulfill his dreams by learning very well and doing a good job to the country. When he grows old it is an essential duty to look after him very well. I love him very much and May God Bless him.

Sanara Kothalawala
(Grade 7)
Yasodara Vidyalaya, Colombo

Hello Father

Oh dear father, I miss you
One is lonely than when two
The sky is grey when you’re not there
And it rains everywhere
Why father?
Did you leave me alone?
We can’t even talk on the phone
Earth is a fabulous place, you know
I don’t know why you had to go
Every day we played at home
It felt like we were in Rome
Although we’re separated from Earth’s zone,
It still feels like you’re at home
As we always spent time together
We’ll remember each other forever

Misha Miskin (Year 5)
Horizon College Int., Malabe

My father

My father’s name is Mohamed Hisham.
He is a businessman. He studied at St. Anthony’s College, Kandy. He is tall. He likes to eat Sri Lanka traditional food. He is innocent. He works for the sake of our family. I love my father. My father loves me too.

Imadh Hisham (Grade 6)
C. S. I. College

Happy Father’s Day!
My father’s name is Sampath Kurunalage.
My father gives me everything that I want. His favourite food is Pizza and vegetables. He always likes to drink tea. He is 36 years old. His favourite car is the Bugatti Weron Sport. He is very handsome.
I like to thank God because he gave such a wonderful father to me. I wish him a healthy and long life. You are the best father in the world and
I love you so much. You will always be my hero.

Yashodh Attish (Grade 2)
Harrow Int. College, Mt. Lavinia

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