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Enough of 225 is enough

Much of the time and energy of most Honourable Members of Parliament these days has been directed to their blatant devotion to their self-preservation for the next six years. It’s 20A (20th Amendment to the Constitution); 20A; 20A all the way around the length and breadth of the country. To hell with the much-needed Right [...]

Verbal garbage and the big stink

The subject stinks and is unappealing reading on a Sunday morning, but the rat-infested mountains of garbage in thickly populated Bloemendhal, Colombo North, and Meethotamulla have for many years stood as an emblem of Sri Lanka’s cavalier attitude towards waste disposal. The fetid heaps contain everything from plastics, paper and rotting food to hazardous hospital [...]

Govt. fights shy of transparency

Lawyers assigned to check documents related to mega projects undertaken in recent years by the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) have stumbled upon a curious detail. They have found that the interest rate on a Chinese loan to build the first phase of the Hambantota Port was significantly increased, seemingly at the instigation of the [...]

The flame of freedom, 100 years on

This week, quite unnoticed, amid the current political drama unfolding and the uncertainty playing out in recent times, was the centenary of the 1915 riots which was a watershed event in the history of the Independence movement of this nation. On May 28, 1915 Рone hundred years ago, this country was in flames. It had [...]

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