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‘In Space’: Hot Butter Collective’s immersive exhibition

‘In Space’: Hot Butter Collective’s immersive exhibition

Imaad Majeed reclines on a low chair and we almost step over him. He startles us with his instructions; “go ahead-pick a phrase.” Imaad, 24, is one of Colombo’s most talented young poets and tonight he promises an impromptu performance to end all impromptu attempts. We are to pick Imaad’s words for him from a [...]

Avoiding Conflict in the South China Sea

OXFORD – When a US Navy P8-A surveillance aircraft recently flew near Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, it was warned eight times by the Chinese Navy to leave the area. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that, “China’s determination to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity is as [...]

Consuming with care: The why and how

As Environment Day themes go, saving the oceans or the rainforests were easier, non-controversial and devoid of dilemma. No one contested their appropriateness and many championed their cause. Yes, oceans and rainforests are the last bastions of nature and certainly should be saved. There is an innate ambiguity underlined with economic confusion around this year’s [...]

Helping sexually abused children: What constitutes best practice?

Helping sexually abused children: What constitutes best practice?

A renewed interest in the topic of child sexual abuse could be seen in the media in the past few months with the change of guard of child protection services. The psychological impacts of child sexual abuses have been highlighted with the focus being urgent preventive action. Negative effects associated with sexual abuse in childhood [...]

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