The great king Datusena King Datusena was a very powerful king who ruled Anuradhapura. In Anuradhapura there are so many tanks which were built by this king. The Kala Wewa is a very famous one in Anuradhapura. It was built by King Datusena. He also made the Yoda Wewa. King Datusena helped people in agriculture [...]

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The great king Datusena

King Datusena was a very powerful king who ruled Anuradhapura. In Anuradhapura there are so many tanks which were built by this king.
The Kala Wewa is a very famous one
in Anuradhapura. It was built by
King Datusena. He also made the
Yoda Wewa. King Datusena helped people in agriculture and other purposes.
King Datusena built the Aukana Buddha Statue and other chetiyas and viharas and helped to spread Buddhism all over the country. He also fought with foreigners and gave independence to the Anuradhapura people. He was a great king and is respected every day.

Nuwan Ranasinghe (Grade 10)
St. Michael’s College, Homagama

Value of trees

Trees are very valuable. They beautify the world. We get many benefits from trees. Trees purify the air and give us lots of other advantages.
The trees of the world give us oxygen, shade, wood and food. The main advantage of trees is they give us oxygen. They also help in the water cycle. Even though the trees give us amazing advantages, we do not protect trees. Some people cut trees but forget to plant trees. Some people break a whole branch just to eat a fruit or pluck flowers. This happens in all countries. They even crop the trees in the forests.
We must protect trees. After cutting trees, we must plant other trees and not cut trees down for no reason. Let’s protect trees as ourselves.

Ashani Hanks (Grade 6)
Methodist College


I am a girl. My name is Zikra. I live in Wennawatte. I am seven years old. I am in Grade Two. I study at Kolonnawa Balika High School. I have a brother and a sister. My father is a manager and my mother is a housewife. I love my family.
My hobby is reading storybooks. My favourite subject is English. My ambition is to be a doctor.

Zikra Fahmy (Grade 2)
Kolonnawa Balika High School

A trip to Malaysia

I went to Malaysia with my parents and brother. We went in the night. This was my first time in a plane. We went in Malaysian Airlines.
We went to Penang Hill. We came back to Kuala Lumpur in the Airline double-decker bus. We were in the upstairs deck. The next day we went to Sunway Lagoon Amusement Park. We enjoyed ourselves in the Water Park.
I had an unforgettable holiday in Malaysia.

Dineth Gunawardana (Form 2)
S. Thomas College, Mt. Lavinia

My brother

My brother’s name is Zain. He is my elder brother. His favourite food is noodles. He is a banker. He loves to play cricket. My brother guides me in my work. I love my brother very much.

Zovi Hijudeen (8 years)
Christ King College, Pannipitiya

Our school is clean

My school is clean. We clean it every day. Every morning we children clean our classrooms. We’ve brooms for that. We do it regularly. Mostly we have scrap papers and we put them into a special place while we clean the classrooms and other places.
Mostly we clean the garden. Normally it’s full of fallen leaves. We use ekel brooms and then use sacks or the school wheelbarrow to take it to the compost pit. It is in the school farm so we take the leaves for a big purpose. Twice a month we remove weeds in the garden. There we put them into the school garbage pit.
Our playground is not cleaned daily. We clean it once a week and one class goes to do this on Fridays. There we remove the fallen leaves and papers into different bags. So by doing these things we keep our school area clean.

Ahamed Shukri (13 years)
D. S. Senanayake College, Colombo 7

Money makes the world go round
Money was first introduced to the world in between 500 – 700 BC in India and China. Before money was introduced, people used to exchange goods, such as a farmer giving some paddy to a woodcutter and getting some wood. Therefore money was not needed by our ancestors.
People have many needs such as food, clothes, education, health etc. To fulfill these needs, people need money. So now money itself has become a basic need of human beings.
A person who has less money can be called a pauper and someone who has a lot of money is named as a millionaire, billionaire or zillionaire. People use money for luxury living. As examples, to buy fancy clothes, eat tasty food, have comfortable cars etc. Therefore some people engage in bad activities to earn money such as purchasing prohibited drugs or liquor and selling them.
Some of the richest people in the world are Bill Gates and Carlos Slim. The richest country in the world is Luxembourg while Ethiopia is the poorest. The currency in America, Canada and Australia is called Dollars, France has Euro, Dubai has Dirham while in India, Nepal and
Sri Lanka it is Rupees.
So at present, money has become a basic need of a person. Technically money makes the world go round.

Sanandhi Hikkaduwage (11 years)
Musaeus College

War Heroes Day
War Heroes Day was celebrated in Matara on May 19. We, as residents of Matara were very proud about it.
Schools in the town were closed for a week to accommodate the three forces, Army, Navy and Air Force. Beach Road was kept busy for a week with rehearsals.
On the 19th morning, our President Maithripala Sirisena arrived on the scene and hoisted the National Flag. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe and other parliamentarians were also present. The Matara town was jam packed with spectators.
The three forces in their ceremonial garb was an
awe-inspiring sight. They marched in columns displaying their weaponry.
The war heroes who sacrificed their arms and limbs for the sake of their country rode in wheelchairs. They were applauded with great cheer by the spectators.
The soldiers on horseback were an eye-catching sight.
Fighter jets flew in the sky and soldiers in colourful parachutes descended from the jets. We were afraid they would fall into the sea, but they skillfully landed on the beach.
The Police was also displaying their feats. They marched in troops and also travelled in their armoured wagons with the sniffer dogs, also dressed glamorously for the show.

Rubaya Inthaaj (Grade 10)
Sujatha Vidyalaya, Matara

Poson Festival
Poson is a religious festival. It falls in June. Buddhists in Sri Lanka celebrate this festival. Arahat Mahinda Maha Thero brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka on this full moon poya day.
We do a lot of religious activities on
this full moon poya day. We go to the temple and worship Lord Buddha. We observe sil on this day. We go on pilgrimages. We decorate our houses with lanterns and colourful bulbs. We exhibit pandols. We help poor people on this day. So Poson is very important to us.

Senan Kaluhendiwala (Grade 5)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

A book speaks
I am a book. My name is ‘Famous Five.’ I have about 500 pages. I was peacefully living in a bookshop called ‘Sarasavi.’ During the day time, my friends and I used to talk very slowly because always people come, take me, and keep me back and arrange in a beautiful way. But in the night time, I shout, dance and do various things because no one is there in the shop.
Unfortunately, one day a young woman came and bought me. I was very unhappy to leave my friends. She took me to her house and started to read my pages. But she never hurt me. After some time, she ended reading me and handed me over to another person. I hated her from the start. She always scrawled my pages and treated me very badly. During the night, I fall down to the ground. Then I feel like beating her, because it is painful for me.
But now, I am hiding in a place where she can’t find me. So I am living peacefully. I hope that she will never find me.

Marlon Munasinghe (13 years)

My pet
My pet is a dog. My dog’s name is Bheem. It is black and white in colour. It likes to eat meat and bones. It likes to drink milk. It plays day and night. Bheem lives in a kennel. It is sad when I am not there. I love my Bheem very much.

M. J. Farah (6 years)
Amana Int. School

Flowers are beautiful and in many colours. Since ancient times, flowers play a very important place in society. They are used in religious activities, weddings and funerals.
At the same time, we use flowers to express our feelings. People use them for decoration.
People like to grow flower plants in their gardens. Flowers beautify the environment. Bees and butterflies suck honey from flowers. It is a nice sight to see flowers in the Haggala and Peradeniya Gardens. People can earn a lot of money by selling flowers. Rose, Jasmine and Lotus are very fragrant. Lots of flowers bloom early in the morning.

Jeiyachandiran Sharon (Grade 8)
St. Anthony’s College, Kandy

Butterfly is a very innocent insect. It has two wings. There are big and small butterflies. There are blue, yellow, red, white and black butterflies. Butterflies come to the flowers in the garden. They suck honey from the flowers and that is a very beautiful sight. We can see many butterflies at the zoo.
I like butterflies very much.

Januthmi Methma
(Grade 3)
Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama

My best friend
My best friend is Rivinma Sethini. She is eleven years old. She lives in Galle.
She likes to play badminton. Her favourite food is hoppers. Her favourite drink is faluda. Her mother is a teacher.
Her father is a doctor. Her hobby is reading books. Her favourite book is ‘Boy in the Dress.’ Her favourite colour is red. She wants to be a doctor.

Janudi Onethra (Grade 7)
Southlands College, Galle

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