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Victory and Remembrance

Amidst the high drama we saw this week in the august assembly called Parliament, with the minority Government desperately trying to ward off a succession of no-confidence motions, the country was at pains trying to resolve how to commemorate the end of a brutal separatist insurgency this month six years ago. On May 19, 2009, [...]

Govt. on strike; President faces agonising choice

Political instability is snowballing with the Prime Minister of a minority Government saying ‘Parliament is dead’; a section of the same Government saying election pledges must be fulfilled before an election is held; and the majority Opposition declaring that Parliament must continue till electoral reforms are introduced through the 20th Amendment to the Constitution. In [...]

The forgotten workers of May Day

May Day came and went, and as always, it was a political show of strength with workers of the world divided and what was meant to be their day overshadowed by politicians. May Day is not even celebrated in May in the country where it was first declared – the United States, which instead marks Labour [...]

Kerry visit marks revival of US-SL ties

US Secretary of State John Kerry leaves Sri Lanka today after an overnighter. It is the first official -dedicated – visit by so senior a US diplomat since William P. Rodgers came, back in 1974. Colin Powell visited along with two ex-US Presidents in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, mostly to inspect the damage. [...]

If you are ‘Honourable’, put country before self

The spectacle in Parliament earlier this week speaks for itself. It reminds us of a postprandial speech made by the late Lakshman Kadirgamar at a UK-SL Friendship Society dinner, before he turned from lawyer to lawmaker. He said that in Britain, Members of Parliament were not referred to as ‘the Honourable MPs”, but some are, [...]

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