My first impressions of Indian Food On Saturday April 18, my mother, father, Loku thathi, Loku ammi, Thilee my cousin brother and myself, went for dinner at an Indian restaurant called Lemon Grass. Well… At first I didn’t feel like going but on second thought I was a bit hungry so I went anyway.  After [...]

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My first impressions of Indian Food
On Saturday April 18, my mother, father, Loku thathi, Loku ammi, Thilee my cousin brother and myself, went for dinner at an Indian restaurant called Lemon Grass. Well… At first I didn’t feel like going but on second thought I was a bit hungry so I went anyway. 

After we found our seats, my father ordered naan and kottu for me and my cousin brother and the rest of them had puri. Actually I didn’t know what naan looked like or even what it tasted like but I had to eat it. First I thought of trying naan but then I thought of kottu first.
So when they brought the food, my cousin brother started whacking away at the kottu and naan. He left only two for me. I served everything onto my plate. I ate the kottu. Now for the naan.. I put some mutton gravy too. I took the first bite. It was awesome.
From that day onwards I eat only naan if I go to an Indian restaurant.

Ruvindi De Silva (11 years)
Ladies’ College

My name is D. Primal Leon.
I am eight years old. I am studying at St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4. I am in Grade Four. My best friend’s name is Gobishan.

D. Primal Leon (8 years)
St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4

My best friend
My best friend’s name is Ahasna. She is seven years old. She likes to eat oranges.
She wants to be a doctor. She is pretty.
She plays with me. I love her and she loves me.

Ranumi Manage (8 years)
Musaeus College

Respecting your elders
Elderly people have every right to be respected. I have seen many people who always tend to ignore any advice given to them by their grandparents. Elders wholly deserve to be respected. They have been in this world longer than we have and know more about it than us. Our elders are wiser and much more mature than the rest of us. Our grandparents often know better than us. They try to teach us the things which they have learned themselves. They try to mould us into something better. They know our mistakes are many and try to correct us.
We should make sure that all the elders in our society are free of abuse and taken good care of. Paying a visit to your grandparents every now and then would make them happy. Spending time with them, going for strolls in the park with them and being attentive to what they tell you, listening to their advice, is respecting them.
Elders are knowledgeable and wise and everyone should respect them for who they are.

Zeenath Rameez (14 years)
Ilma Int. Girls School

Mother’s Day
Dearest Mother,
For so long now
You have taken care of me,
my father and brother
And often I have wondered how
You put up with my temper, sulking and overall bother

Therefore on this special day
I wrote this as a token to say
My heartfelt appreciation for all the
wise words you have spoken
And to pray
That you will remain the anchor you are in my life
and never be broken

And thus I conclude
With lots of love
In this affectionate mood
And shall always think of you
As one of my guardian angels pointing above
Happy Mother’s Day!

Amanda Kandegoda (15 years)
Musaeus College

My mother
She love me
She cares for me
She adore me
And she is proud of me

She is my Mother
She bore me into this world
Without her I wouldn’t even exist

She would do anything for me
She bathes me
She feeds me
And takes good care of me
More than anyone in the world

My mother is my closest friend
She is my teacher and guide
She has taken a lot of pain to make me a good child
My mother is the source of my life.

Diyana Rasandi
(11 years)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda

I can cook
My mother and I cooked fruits. I made fruit salad. It was yummy.

Sirinie Amarasekara
(7 years)
Methodist College

An educational trip
For the 2015 class trip I went to Kelaniya Water World and Utuwankanda. We travelled by a very big bus. When we got to Kelaniya, we first went to Water World. It was a huge place with birds and fish.
First we went to see the birds. There were emus, swans, peacocks, cockatoos, eagles, parrots and much more. Next we went to the aquarium. The little fish were swimming everywhere. Another part of the aquarium was a glass tunnel. We saw little sharks, lobsters, crabs and even rays. After we came out we were given ice-cream and then we were sent to the bus.
After lunch we travelled to Utuwankanda. It was a very beautiful sight. Utuwankanda was on the top. We went to see a man-made village. An uncle came and taught us about Saradiel. There were people made of clay and there was a small pond with blue lotuses. They had made a temple and the Bogambara prison, where Saradiel was put to death.
On top of a cement bridge, was a chariot with British guards riding it with Saradiel and his friend in it. We also saw equipment that was used in the old days. Then we came to a rocky place where I could see all around. It was beautiful.
It was night when we came back to Kandy.
I learnt a lot from this educational trip and I will never forget it.

Priscilla Rambukkange (Grade 4)
Hillwood College, Kandy

My best friend
My best friend is Desandi.
She lives in Panadura. She is seven years old. She likes to eat Samaposha. She likes to drink Sprite. She likes to play cricket. She wants to be a scientist.

Mina Al Fathima (Grade 2)
Lyceum Int. School, Panadura

Communication now and then
Communication is the process of exchanging ideas between two or more people. It can be done through writing, action or verbally. This process has been developed with the advancement of technology. There are several means of communication, in which it is very useful to an economy.
At the beginning, people found it very difficult to communicate with each other. As a result, they started to communicate using pigeons, drums and lighting fire to inform that there is an urgent message. Then an inventor named Alexander Graham Bell introduced the telephone. This gave a solution to their problem.
In this 21st century, there are innovative means of communication like mobile phones, e-mail, skype etc. Although they are helpful in quick communication, it might lead to negative ways too.
It is our duty to choose the benefit and take the optimum use of it while rejecting the negative side. This will lead to continue the communication process effectively.

Fathima Ashfa (Grade 13)
Sailan Int. School, Negombo

My name is Rechel Peiris. I live in Thimbirigaskattuwa. I am 12 years old.
My school is
Ave Maria Convent. My father’s name is Romane Peiris.
He is a Branch Manager.
My mother’s name is Chrishanthini Peiris. She is a teacher. I have a brother and a little sister.
My favourite subject is Science. My favourite colour is blue. I love puppies very much. My favourite food is strawberries and raspberries. Also my favourite drink is water.
My ambition is to be a teacher.

Rechel Peiris (Grade 7)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

My last vacation
During the last
vacation, I went to the Yala National Park. I went by a safari jeep. There was a small museum inside the park and we visited it. Then we drove around Yala Park. We saw a lot of elephants and a big tusker near a water hole. We saw a small bear near an old tree. There was a herd of deer near a river bank.
It was a beautiful sight. But I was not lucky to see a leopard.
In the afternoon, we came back. It was an
enjoyable trip.

Tharupa Wijerathana (Grade 6)
Rahula College, Matara

My country
My country is the best in the world. It’s called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Its name is Sri Lanka.
Our staple food is rice. Coconut, tea, rubber are the main crops of Sri Lanka.
The longest river is Mahaweli. The highest mountain is Pidurutalagala. My country has jungles, waterfalls, rivers, gardens, mountains and historical places. Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa have a very long history and we can see the ruins. Our national tree is Ironwood. Our national flower is Water Lily.
Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country. I love my country very much.

Shaheen Ahamed (Grade 7)
Baduriya C.C., Mawanella

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