Myself My name is Fathima Fazla Fahim. I am eleven years old. I am studying at Alexor International College in Maligawatte. I am in Grade Seven. My favourite subject is Science. My father’s name is Fahim. My mother’s name is Ishak. My grandmother’s name is Hanoon. My brothers’ names are Umar and Hamza. My favourite [...]

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My name is Fathima Fazla Fahim. I am eleven years old. I am studying at Alexor International College in Maligawatte. I am in Grade Seven. My favourite subject is Science. My father’s name is Fahim. My mother’s name is Ishak. My grandmother’s name is Hanoon. My brothers’ names are Umar and Hamza.
My favourite colour is pink. I like to eat noodles and macaroni.

I like fruit salad. My favourite vegetables are carrots. My favourite fruit is pomegranate. Like to play Ball and Swing. My best friend is Shahna. My hobbies are drawing and reading books. My ambition is to be a doctor.

Fazla Fahim
(11 years)
Alexor Int. School, Colombo 10

The importance of water
Human beings cannot live without water for a long time. It is very important not only for humans but also for animals, birds, fish and plants.
We use water for drinking, bathing, cooking and washing. Clean water is a health tonic. We all want fresh water. Plants cannot grow without water. Plants spread out their roots and absorb water from the soil.
Water is used to make electricity. Swimming, water polo and rowing are sports done on water. Many people waste water carelessly. Therefore we must use water carefully for our own good.

Gimhani Wijesinghe
(12 years)
Ananda B. V., Kotte

My grandfather
My grandfather’s name is
Don Nihal Gamini Abeysekera.
He worships
Lord Buddha every day. He is 71 years old. He works in a dhal factory as a general manager.
He buys me five Necto
ice-creams on Sundays because
I am tired after Sunday School.
If I tell him to bring me something he finds it and comes home.
I think my grandfather is the best grandfather in the world. I love him very much.

Nevanmie Ranasinghe
(9 years)
Musaeus College

The prettiest flower  in the world
You all must think that the prettiest flower in the world is an actual flower. But I don’t think so. The prettiest flower in my world is my mother.
When I was small she turned her blood into milk to feed me, because of her great love. When I get sick she looks after me without thinking of herself. She cooks delicious food. Her food is the tastiest food I have eaten. She cooks a variety of delicious food to make me happy. She looks after me with a great precious love.
When she grows old, it is my duty to look after her like she looked after me when I was a baby. I have done a great merit in my previous birth to get a mother like her. I love my mother.
May the Triple Gem bless her!

Sanara Kothalawala (Grade 7)
Yasodara Vidyalaya, Colombo

The importance of reading
Reading makes a full man. It helps us to increase and enrich our knowledge. Reading means, not only reading newspapers and magazines, but also good books and biographies that will help us to understand the purpose of life and broaden our outlook.
Books are known as the lighthouses in the great sea of times. Books are also keys to the treasure houses of knowledge. They teach many things and a vast knowledge can be acquired by reading books.
Anyone who is fond of reading can educate himself in the cheapest manner. “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested,”
said Sir Francis Bacon. Good books and real friends are very valuable. If you spend your time in the company of books they make learning easy and pleasant at all times. Books are our best teachers.
When in doubt, turn to books.
When we are lonely and in distress, books keep us company. Books never fail to provide consolation and peace of mind. Hence a good book is the best friend you can have. They delight us in times of prosperity and comfort us when we are in distress.

Chamodi Shamanthi
(Grade 8)
Royal Institute

A car needs fuel to make it work. Fuel gives the car energy. People need energy too. We get our energy from food. We all need food to live.
Without food we will die. Food helps us to grow strong. Food gives us energy to work, think and play. Fresh food is good for us. Some food comes from animals and birds. Some food is made from milk and eggs. Eat fresh food. Don’t eat too fast or too much. Take lots of exercise. Give your body a rest. Sleep early.

Pushparajhen Janarthana (Grade 7)
Republican Int. School, Nuwara Eliya

Flowers have been important to man since
ancient times. People love to grow flower plants
in their home gardens. Botanical gardens like
Peradeniya and Haggala have a wide variety of
flowers. Natural forests like Sinharaja are also
abundant in beautiful flowers.
Flowers have a fragrance and they beautify the environment. They brighten every occasion.
We use flowers to express our feelings. They are also used in religious activities. People use them for
decorations. Flowers are an integral part both at weddings and funerals.
Today, flowers have become an important source of income. Many varieties of flowers are being
exported to foreign markets. Selling flower plants also brings in a good income. Many valuable flowers are now endangered. Recently, the Araliya trees were attacked by some fungus. Fungi, pests,
diseases and climatic changes are the major threats to flower plants. We must take necessary steps to overcome these threats. People should be
encouraged to grow flower plants in their home gardens.
Flower plants should be looked after well.
They should be manured, weeded and watered regularly. Precautions should be taken to protect them from pests like snails, catepillars, rats and insects.

Fathima Hafsa (13 years)

My class teacher
My class teacher’s name is Y. Tharshini. She is very kind and helpful. She is from Jaffna.
Nowadays she is staying here for her job. She comes to school on a bicycle. She teaches English to us. I like her very much.

D. Majurika (Grade 6)
Nedunkerni M.V.

Our school sportsmeet

The sportsmeet was held on March 4. My friends and teachers arrived at the Asgiriya grounds early. When I came to the
pavilion it was decorated with balloons and posters. I went to the grounds and did group event practices. I had to go around ten bottles. After practices some senior students started the sportsmeet by lighting a torch. The children in the pavilion were cheering for the three houses, Naish, Bellerby and Ireland Jones.
The first event was a relay. Then were the group events.
The next event was the drill.
We were given pompoms.
This year was very special
because we celebrated the school’s 125th Anniversary so the drill was long. We did our best in the drill. After some rest, we watched the Eastern and Western bands playing.
There were lots of running events and relays. The final event was the squad. There were golden cups and silver medals.
The results were given Ireland Jones came first, second Bellerby, then Naish. We were sad but we tried our best. A sportsmeet is not only about winning but
playing as a team. I had a great time at the annual sportsmeet.

Priscilla Rambukkange
(9 years)
Hillwood College, Kandy

My class

My class is 3G. My class is very pretty. It has forty children. My class teacher is Mrs. Kokila. It has blue colour curtains. I love my class.

Sanuji Godage (7 years)

Water is used for cooking. Water is used for washing.
Water is used for bathing.
Water is used for drinking. Plants need water to live. Water is used to swim. Water is used to put down the fire. Water is used to generate electricity. Animals need water to live. Water is used to clean ourselves. When there is water, fruits and vegetable will grow. Water is the most important drink. Rain water cools the land during drought.
Sea water gives us tasty fish.

Salma Lafir (7 years)
Harrow Int. College

Our Solar System
We live on a planet. It is called the Earth. It is the only living
planet in the Solar System. Our planet goes round the sun and with the seven planets. They are
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. The planet nearest to the sun is
Mercury. The biggest planet is Jupiter. Planet Saturn has
beautiful rings.
Those days, they were
thinking Pluto is a planet.
Nowadays people think Pluto is not a planet. Actually Pluto is not a planet. Neptune is the planet furthest to the sun. Neptune is the last planet in the Solar System. The path of the planets are called the orbit.

Thavishya Rushani (9 years)
Adventist Int. School, Negombo

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