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Implement promises; not elections now

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has long felt that the 1978 Constitution has run its course. Quoting the third US President Thomas Jefferson, he wrote in a United National Party (UNP) publication ‘Vision and Reality’ on the 35th anniversary of the 2nd Republican Constitution that all Constitutions must be revised every 19 years. Why 19 years [...]

What a friend we have in Pakistan

President Maithripala Sirisena embarks on his fourth official overseas voyage since assuming office in January, and that he has identified Pakistan to visit after India, Britain and China is a deserved recognition of a country that stood by Sri Lanka in its darkest hour in recent times. The scheduled trip to Islamabad was earlier put [...]

19th Amendment has arrived

Almost a century ago — August 1920 to be precise, the United States of America passed the 19th Amendment to its Constitution. By this amendment, its Congress (Parliament) granted franchise – the vote, to adult women in addition to the men. It was a long, hard struggle for women, led by a feisty young activist, [...]

Corruption: The coconut is on the lap, crack it

Much is being said about the delays in bringing to book those who had put their hands in the nation’s till during the last administration and made a fortune for themselves through devious and ill-gotten means. So brazen are some of them, that they have already started demonstrating against the new Government’s indiscretions — such [...]

After Modi: Political chips for the fish

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka was hailed as the first bilateral visit by an Indian Head of Government after 27 plus years. This is other than the attendance of Indian Premiers for a SAARC summit. In 2013, the then Indian Premier even boycotted the Commonwealth summit (CHOGM) held in Colombo. Of [...]

Poaching: Don’t fear to rock the boat

During his successful visit to the Northern Province last week, President Maithripala Sirisena seems to have been well received by the people – and the region’s political leaders. His subdued presence lacking the fanfare and security detail that accompanied his predecessor stood him in good stead. Soothing words calling for reconciliation helped.   This visit [...]

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