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Indo-Lanka relations; a new beginning

Hot on the heels of Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister’s ‘pilgrimage’ to New Delhi comes the state visit by President Maithripala Sirisena to India starting today. There’s no gainsaying that bilateral relations with India need some fixing; but it takes two to tango. At the latter stages of his first term, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa took [...]

New Govt. reshaping foreign policy

Hardly has the country finished celebrating its 67th year of Independence from the yoke of four centuries of foreign rule, than her Foreign Minister jets off to Britain and then the United States of America, brief in hand, to plead the country’s case to be treated as a respectable member of the comity of nations. [...]

Corruption probes, Sift wheat from chaff

Among the many comments circulating on social media is one where they say there are two types of people on Facebook nowadays; one set who while walking on the street, trip on a stone and ask, “is this the Yahapalanaya they talk of”, and the other set who find a rupee on the road and [...]

Democracy-ta Jayawewa!

It was democracy that was the ultimate winner at Thursday’s Presidential election. Sri Lanka’s somewhat questionable recent record on elections was put back on track and for that, much of the credit must go to the Elections Commissioner, all those men and women who showed what the Public Service of this country is capable of [...]

Year of awakening

In four days’ time, 14.5 million registered voters are entitled to trek to the polling booth allotted to them and cast their vote for the Chief Executive of the Republic; half a million having already done so by postal voting. That this country still has the choice of the ballot over the bullet in choosing [...]

The hills are alive with the sound of landslides

The drought came first, heaping untold misery upon man and beast. The deluge followed and, with it, a sweeping landslide. A succession of environmental disasters in recent years has proved that Sri Lanka remains ill-equipped to mitigate threats and save precious lives. If anything, the country is racing towards bigger catastrophes. The Koslanda landslide on [...]

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