My dream holiday It was great news when my father told me that he was going to take me to London. I was very excited and happy. I was counting the days and was getting ready for the trip. August 23, 2014 was the day of departure. We boarded the plane at the Bandaranaike International [...]

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My dream holiday

It was great news when my father told me that he was going to take me to London. I was very excited and happy.
I was counting the days and was getting ready for the trip. August 23, 2014 was the day of departure.
We boarded the plane at the Bandaranaike International Airport.
My excitement knew no bounds. It was a ten hour flight. We reached London at noon and got off at Heathrow Airport terminal 3. My aunt came to pick us and took us to her house. After a short rest we explored around the city. The next few days I went to places of interest like, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace. London Eye, Lords Cricket ground etc.
I went out of London to Portsmouth and Oxford. The memory of these places will always remain in my mind. After two weeks of an enjoyable holiday, I left with many memories of my trip to London.
I hope to go there once again someday.

Druvi Fonseka (12 years)
Gateway College

A daughter’s love

Dear old dad, dad old dear,
I love you more than last year.
One is lonely, two is strong,
When I’m with you,
nothing can go wrong.

Oh, why will I ever say,
It’s wrong to keep a father’s name.
As long as you love me,
I love you more the same.
But the problem is we look too chubby
Especially when it comes to our tummy.

Young or old, mild or sweet,
I’ll always think of you as a treat.
Like father and son,
daughter like mother,
But both of us know
it’s father and daughter.

Misha Miskin (Year 5)
Horizon College Int., Malabe

The elephant
The elephant is the largest animal in the jungle. It is very intelligent and obedient. It has a long nose called the trunk. The elephant likes to eat bananas, leaves and trees. Children enjoy elephant rides a lot. As humans we have to protect elephants.

Nethooshadee Adulya
(Grade 2)
Musaeus College

My favourite newspaper
Good newspapers are not very common. I like many newspapers but my favourite newspaper is the Funday Times. The main newspaper is the Sunday Times.
The Funday Times is a very interesting newspaper because it has essays, art, competitions and articles etc. I think that the Funday Times is very popular. My father buys me this newspaper every Sunday. My brother and I always fight to read the newspaper first. Most of my classmates too read this newspaper. My favourite page is the competitions page. I love the Funday Times and wish it a very bright future.

Devanga Chandrasena (Grade 7)
Sussex College, Nugegoda

The rabbit is an innocent animal. It has four legs. It has two ears. It eats carrots and undupiyaliya. The rabbit is a very beautiful animal. I love rabbits very much.

Rumais Riyas (7 years)
Science College, Mt. Lavinia

My ambition

My ambition is to be a scientist. We learn by wanting to find out. That is why I like to be a scientist.
I will make robots so I could be
an inventor. I would make the whole world a better place to live.
I will allocate much more time to do my studies so I could win medals. I will reach my goal easily. I will read many more books relevant to my studies. Then one day I can win the Nobel Prize for my inventions.
My robots will be able to do everything in peoples’ lives. Such as washing, drying, cleaning, playing, cooking etc. Then people can have a comfortable life. I will make chemicals and gases for my robots but I will not make harmful things such as poisonous acids, liquids, bombs, crackers etc. I will make useful chemicals and I will never pollute the environment.
I will earn lots of money. Then I can build laboratories and schools for future generations.

Tharusha Handaragama
(Grade 4)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda

The newspaper I like

The newspaper I like very much is the Sunday Times. It is published every Sunday. My mother buys the paper every Sunday morning.
I like this paper because there is variety in it. Apart from the weekly news, there is lots of information on business, medicine, employment, sports etc., and also the Funday Times a section specially for children.

My favourite part of the newspaper is Funday Times because there are many competitions, drawings, essays and puzzles. I have been reading this paper since I was five years old. Our English teacher always tells us how important it is to read an English newspaper. I am proud to say I now have a vast vocabulary. I hope to continue reading this newspaper.

Dhanushi Piyaratne (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

My name is Mina. I am seven years old. I live in Dharga Town.
My mother’s name is Shahmin.
I love her a lot. My father’s name is Nasim.
I love him too.
I go to Lyceum International School. I am in Grade 2E. I have three teachers in my class. I love them a lot and they love me too.
I like to eat ice-cream. I like to drink Necto. I want to be a doctor.

Mina Al Fathima (Grade 2)
Lyceum Int. School, Panadura

A brave boy
Madduma Bandara was a brave boy in our country. His name is an unforgettable name in our history.
His father’s name is Ehelapola Nilame and his mother is Ehelapola Kumarihamy. Madduma Bandara had an elder brother and a baby sister too.
At that time, Sri Lanka was ruled by Britishers. Madduma Bandara’s father was a minister of the King
Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe. They decided to destroy the whole family because the king thought Ehelapola Nilame had betrayed the country. The king said first kill the elder brother. Madduma Bandara’s brother was frightened and hid behind his mother. Madduma Bandara said, “Kill me for my brother’s sake.” Though he was eight years old, he faced up to death.

Senara Nethmini (Grade 7)
Vihara Maha Devi B.M.V., Badulla

A healthy mind in a healthy body
Lord Buddha refers to health as “ The greatest benefit.” It is a priceless for both rich and poor, young and old. But in our artificial society many people have health problems. People must have a healthy mind to have a healthy body. To have a healthy mind, the religious background is very useful. In Buddhism, there are many ways to keep our minds healthy. Among them, meditation is the best way. Music is another way to heal the mind.

After having a healthy mind, it is not too difficult to have a healthy body. When our mind is clear and peaceful, we are not interested in unnecessary things like short-eats, snacks or even narcotics. When we learn to refuse these things it is easy to have a healthy body. We also need some good habits and hobbies. A walk every morning and at least one sport is good for our physical fitness. A hobby like gardening is also good.

We should take a balanced diet to keep our bodies strong and healthy. It is good to decline artificial food. Some modern technologies such as rays that come from wi-fi and cellular phones are very harmful. So having a good diet with exercise and keeping our religious susceptibility in a good level,we can have a healthy body in a healthy mind.

Yashodara Mataraarachchi (Grade 10)
Kalutara Balika N. S.

A remarkable place

Kerala is a remarkable place for its great natural beauty. Kerala is probably the greenest place. It is one of the ten paradises in the world. The coconut palms, the reptile houses, the innumerable lakes, boating and beaches will remain long lasting impressions to any visitor.
The colourful festivals, various types of dances, martial arts and wildlife sanctuaries are the other attractions. The natural loveliness of these places will keep us spellbound.
There are three existing and two international airports. Pepper and natural rubber is the main production output of Kerala. Coconut, tea, coffee are also important in the agricultural sector. Kerala is an important tourist destination in India.

Vikasini Sivananthan
(11 years)
Highlevel Int. School,

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