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Massacre of the innocents in Peshawar

The brutes who gunned down more than 130 children in cold-blood, together with their principal and teachers in a school in Peshawar, Pakistan shocked the world with their senseless action and brought back haunting memories of the equally inhuman massacre of young Buddhist novice monks in Aranthalawa not so long…



Everyone should have a place in this world

Everyone should have a place in this world

You are stateless – you can lay claim to no nationality, and no nation claims you. You may have been born into anonymity as one of the persecuted…

No longer a ‘sewage hell’ but woes remain

They were a community battered by the 2004 tsunami. After languishing in temporary shelters for some time, this group of tsunami survivors from coastal villages down south were…

‘Spreading a little bit of  happiness would be nice’

‘Spreading a little bit of happiness would be nice’

I attended my first carol service for the season on December 2 this year. It was the Methodist College choir, directed by Sanjeev Jeyaratnam of `Revelations’ fame and…

Victim to breadwinner

A toddler hurtles towards the front door of a small home in Katukurunda, curious about the visitors who have come a-calling. The visitors are taken by surprise too…

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Pakistan after the Peshawar massacre

Pakistan after the Peshawar massacre

LAHORE – On December 16, the Taliban attacked an army school in Peshawar and killed 132…

As US eases hostilities, Cuba faces new challenge

Carol service

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Mirror Magazine

Festive treats to try out

Festive treats to try out

If you’re looking for some new additions to your menu this season, we’ve got two interesting…

When small gestures mean the most

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TV Times

Sounds of Christmas

Sounds of Christmas

We’ve managed to confuse the JJ Twins with each other yet again. They take it in…

‘Kalaabhushana’ for Lankika

Singing Christmas Tree at MLH

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Funday Times

Rudolph Cupcakes

Rudolph Cupcakes

Ingredients • 200g butter, cubed • 200g plain chocolate, broken into squares • 200g light soft…

Kids world

If sharing prevailed on Earth, we could see Jesus among us

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