My school My school is Muslim Ladies’ College. There are about 150 teachers and more than 3500 students. My school was started on November 1, 1946. The founder was Sir. Razik Fareed. There were 20 students, 3 teachers and 3 buildings in my school at that time. The present principal is Dr. J. M. K. [...]

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My school

My school is Muslim Ladies’ College. There are about 150 teachers and more than 3500 students.
My school was started on November 1, 1946. The founder was Sir. Razik Fareed. There were 20 students,
3 teachers and 3 buildings in my school at that time.

The present principal is
Dr. J. M. K. B. Hajarjahan Mansoor. With the help of my principal, my school has become more developed in various areas. We are lucky to have her as our principal and we have a great respect for her.

The motto of my school is ‘Knowledge is Power’. I am in Grade 7A and my class teacher is Mrs. Adjumain Shiny. There are 42 students in my class.
In my school there are three types of mediums. There are four houses in my school. There is a Western junior band and a senior band. The teachers are working hard to teach the students with the view to lead them in the correct way. My school is one of the best schools in Colombo.
My school is very beautiful and I’m proud to be a student of Muslim Ladies’ College. I love my school.

Amna Irfan (12 years)
Muslim Ladies’ College, Colombo 4

My best friend
My best friend is Amanda Ranasinghe. He is 10 years old. He is in Grade Five. Both of us are in the same class. We play together in the interval. He always helps me in my work and he comes to cricket practices with me.
He is thin and short. He comes to help me when I’m in trouble. He is very good and kind to me. One day when I fell down he came running to help me. There are four members in his family. He lives in Battaramulla.
He loves to play with me. He makes funny faces and makes me laugh all the time. I have never met such a good friend in my whole lifetime.

Ashendra Siriwardena (Grade 5)
Royal College

My teacher
My teacher is Mrs. Rohani. She is very active. She is very kind. She is beautiful. She helps me to study well. I love my teacher very much.

Shevan Fernando (Grade 2)
S. Thomas’ College,
Mt. Lavinia

Our country

The name of our country is
Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. It is so beautiful that it is called ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. Its nearest neighbour is India.
Sri Lanka has a hot wet climate. The average temperature is 29˚C.
The population is more than
18 million. There are many rivers, mountains and waterfalls in our country. Farming and fishing are the chief occupations. Tea, rubber and coconut products, textiles, spices and gems are exported to other countries. Tea is the main foreign exchange earner. I love my country.

Yathukshi Pratheepan
Colombo 10

Butterfly is beautiful. It has two wings. It is colourful.
It comes to my flower trees. I go behind it. I love Butterfly.

Sathmi Edirisinghe (Grade 1)
Visakha Vidyalaya

Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s real name was Samuel Langhorne Clements.
He was born on November 30, 1835 in Missouri, USA and passed away on April 21, 1910. He was popularly known by his pen name, Mark Twain because he was the author of many books. The most popular of his books are Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Mark Twain’s early life was carefree until his father’s death. Since his mother couldn’t support him, he had to leave school and earn some money. He first worked in a Printer’s Shop and wrote humorous stories for the newspaper. There he gained a good experience of writing stories. Then he became a river pilot in a steamboat on the Mississippi River. But then war broke out and transport on the river had to come to a stop. Then he took to gold mining but failed as he could not find any gold.

Meanwhile he wrote several short stories to the newspaper. These stories were amusing and based on all that he heard and saw as a river pilot and a miner. Then he wrote Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, about the adventures of a homeless boy making friends with an escaped Negro slave.
I think you will have a great time reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. You will like to read those books again and again. So, read Mark Twain’s books and improve your knowledge of the English Language.

Harini Wijenayaka Crusz
(11 years)
St. Lawrence’s Convent, Colombo 6

A tree talks
Oh! Good morning. I’m a mango tree. I give wood and tasty fruits to you. Children like to eat my fruits. I’m a tall and big tree. I’m a living thing. I breathe through stomata in the leaves. I need water, minerals, carbon dioxide and sunlight to live.
My roots help to absorb water and food from the soil and help me to stay firm. My trunk gives support to me and the food absorbed by my roots is carried through the trunk. After my trunk it is my leaves.
I have green leaves.
My leaves prepare food for me. My leaves
contain green substances called chlorophyll. The process of a plant making food is called
I give out oxygen to you and you give out carbon dioxide to me. Please help me. Please don’t cut me until I die.

Shaheeka Shireen (Grade 5)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

My favourite books
My favourite books are the ‘Mystery Series’
by Enid Blyton. There are 15 books in this series. These books are very funny. When I used to read these books, I laugh very much. As I liked these books, it became my favourite books.
There are many different characters in
different books. The main characters are Fatty, Bets, Pip, Daisy, Larry (the Find Outers), Buster (Fatty’s dog), Mr. Goon ( the village policeman) and the Inspector. If any mystery comes, the Find Outers always solve it before Mr. Goon, who used to get very angry with them and says, “Clear orf ” when he sees them.
Fatty is the best character in the book. He has a lot of money and buys disguises such as wigs, teeth, makeup etc. He disguises himself to track the thieves or to play a trick on Mr. Goon.
So far, I have only read about seven books. I hope to read the whole series. I wish you too would read this book. Cause you’ll end up

Dhanushi Piyaratne (Grade 7)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala

My pets
My pet cat,
Is Kitty cat,
Who sleeps all
Day and night.

My pet dog
Is Lassie,
Who is gentle,
As a lady.

They are like my
Sisters and my
Best buddies.

Jayandi Nikatenna
(Grade 7)
Hillwood College,

The sun is rising and cocks crow in the morning.
Dewdrops are falling down. There is fresh air. The morning is healthy for us. Beautiful flowers are in bloom. The sky is clear in the morning. We get up and go to school and people go for work. Butterflies are flying from flower to flower sucking nectar. The mist is everywhere. The morning is lovely and nice.

Lochana Ganagoda (Grade 6)
Ananda Sastralaya, Matugama

A rainy day
One morning, clouds gathered in the sky. Thunder and lightning came. Suddenly, it started to rain heavily.
It was school time, so I took my umbrella and started to go to school.
It was so cool outside. Everyone and everything looked fresh. The trees were with bright green leaves. The sound of rain falling was pleasant to the ears. And no one thought of wet umbrellas, soaking shoes and wet clothes.

Buses were late and crowded. It may be quite right to take a walk in the brisk rain but no one minded to stay in a queue in the heavy rain with the cold drops from other people’s umbrellas.

In the classes very few students were listening to teacher as  everybody was looking at the rain. Primary class children were playing with paper boats, where water had gathered and made like a pool. Ankle-deep water had collected near the school main road and gate. The drainage system was blocked with dirty water. All low areas had knee-deep water. Even cars and  buses stopped at many places.

It was nice to watch the pouring rain and run with it. But soon I was happy to return home and change into dry clothes.

Dilmi De Silva (Grade 7)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

My loving mother
Small mouth bit her
but still patience in her mind,
Tiny mouth crying and worrying her,
still patience in her life,
Making her blood into milk with patience in her life,
She looks after me with love, and patience in her mind.

When I grow up she gives me tasty food,
And looks after me with patience,
Every challenge in her life,
She faces with patience in her heart,
Because she is my one and only, loving mother!

Narmada Bharathi
(8 years)
Sussex College, Kandy


My brother
My brother’s name is Archana Boseth. I call him Malli. My Malli is one year old. Malli loves to play with me. He likes spiders. Malli loves me. He is very naughty but I love him so much.

Mihinma Herath
(Grade 2)
Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy

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