Hobbies We all have hobbies. Hobbies are activities we do during our leisure time. Sometimes they may change. It depends on how we spend our time and live our lives. People with different tastes have different hobbies such as gardening, reading, playing games, drawing, cooking and many more. Hobbies are useful to us since they [...]

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We all have hobbies. Hobbies are activities we do during our leisure time. Sometimes they may change. It depends on how we spend our time and live our lives. People with
different tastes have different
hobbies such as gardening, reading, playing games, drawing, cooking and many more. Hobbies are useful to us since they help us engage in some useful activity rather than wasting time.
There are a wide range of hobbies out there. Reading books paves the path to knowledge. One’s mind can relax by drawing. A lot of people
consider playing games on the
computer and watching movies as hobbies. It is better to pursue useful hobbies that would help us to gain something.

Aadhila Nasir (Grade 9)
Hejaaz Int. School

My favourite toy

My favourite toy is a Barbie doll. I call it Dolly. It has brown hair and blue eyes. It has a lovely pink dress and pink shoes. I got it from my cousin sister on my birthday on October 12, 2012. It is almost two years now. When I put batteries it used to talk. It has lots of frocks and hair bands. It has beautiful accessories.
After playing, I keep it on my bed. Every evening I play with my dolly in my garden with my sister. It is very beautiful. Every morning before I go to school I change her dress and comb her hair. I love my dolly very much.

Sabeeha Sadath (9 years)
Ilma Int. Girls’ School

My field trip
Our school held a field trip recently. We went to Ape Gama and Thalangama. We went for bird watching. First we all got into the bus and started singing songs. Then we all were looking forward for Thalangama. We suddenly felt the bus slowing down.
We spread our mats and started looking for birds with our binoculars. We were able to see a lot of birds. I was able to find out about and draw two birds. We showed our pictures to our teachers.

Then we drove to Ape Gama. We went to see the olden day huts. Then we had lunch at the hotel.
We played and then grabbed our bags and set off for home. It was a lovely day.

Maryam Rafeek (8 years)
Lyceum Int. School, Nugegoda

My pet
I have a pet. It is a cat. Its name is Lucifer. I gave that name because Cinderella’s cat is also named Lucifer. Cinderella’s cat is also black and white and my Lucifer is also black and white.
Lucifer likes to eat cream crackers and likes to drink milk. It likes to chase rats and squirrels and catch them. Whenever it sees me it comes close to me and turns around my leg, purring. Lucifer came to our home when it was very small and never left. When I call “Lucifer”, it comes running to me.
Recently Lucifer found another cat friend and now they have three little kittens. One kitten is just like Lucifer and I call it junior Lucy. Now Lucifer is a father but he still cuddles with me. Lucifer gave me new little friends to play with, so I love Lucifer more now than before.

Shenalie Mendis (7 years)
Musaeus College

The end of the world

The end of the world is near
And life which all
animals hold dear
Of all animals the world will be clear
Who will shed a tear

The Dark Lord will jeer
At the humans running like frightened deer
The world he will tear
While humans shout
in sheer, terror and fear

Dark is his mood
And his body is of wood
The power he and his
men wield
Will make humans yield

Ruwimal Pathiraja
(15 years)
Royal College

Respecting your elders
As human beings, I think it is our responsibility to respect our elders. Our elders have more experience about different things so therefore they would guide us through to the correct path. Elders are not only our parents and grandparents but also our elder brothers, sisters, uncles
and aunts.
In school we must respect our
principal and teachers so as to get a good education. At home we must respect our parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, elder brothers and
sisters. As we all know our parents are our first teachers. They always advise us to be a good person to have a successful life. This is for our own good.
As Sri Lankans, we have a good culture so all Sri Lankans know the value of our elders. Now the whole world believes it. The World Elders Day is an example for this.
As children we must respect and follow the advice of our elders.

Kawmini Liyanage (13 years)
Royal Institute, Maharagama

My favourite game
As we all know, due to the increase in technology, mobile games are very popular. My favourite game is Virtual Families 2 by Last day of Work. It is a true, real-time life
simulation game.
It starts by adopting a person, male or female and adding them into your house. Like real people, they each have a job and earn daily wages. They can be praised or
scolded, depending on their  behavior. Usually they receive marriage proposals which players can accept or reject. When accepted, they might have children.

Just like us, they need food and medication. They get various
illnesses that require different medications They can clean up the house as it gets very messy. Parts of the house need renovation which you have to pay for using virtual money. Some items are locked until you reach a certain generation. You can decorate the house and dress the adoptees any way you like! Leading a happy life depends on you!
Most parents frown at children playing computer games but I think that this game teaches us life skills.

Faadhilah Hamid (13 years)
Al Nahda N. S., Abu Dhabi

My pet
It was my birthday and I woke up early morning. Then I heard a barking sound. I knew that it was a dog. I thought that as it was my birthday I would get a present. So I ran downstairs. My present was a dog. It was a Dalmation.
It is brown in colour and has a nice golden colour busy tail. He looks very nice
especially because of its blue coloured little round eyes.
So I called him Jimmy.
Jimmy is so kind and wants to play with me
everytime. Its favourite game is passing ball. When I throw a ball or a stick, it runs to take it and again brings it to me. I don’t put him in a cage and he used to sleep in my room. Sometimes he sleeps in my bed. In the morning when I get ready to go to school and get into the car, he looks so sad. When Jimmy is very happy he jumps on me.
I love my pet and Jimmy loves me too.

Himan Gunawardane
(9 years)
Lyceum Int. School, Gampaha

I am a book
I’m a book. I was born in a huge factory called ‘The Penguin Group’
in England. I belong to the type of books called ‘Puffin’. My name is
‘The Complete Adventures of
Charlie and Mr. Willy Wonka’.
My author is Roald Dahl.
One day, I was transported to a Sri Lankan bookshop. I lived there with my friends. One day a boy called Hemalsha came there and bought me. I was sad to leave my friends but I was happy to see the outside world.
At Hemalsha’s house there were lots of friendly books
standing on a shelf.
They all
welcomed me. Lots of my brothers and sisters were there. Hemalsha read me and said that
I was a fantastic book.
Now I am living happily in his bookshelf with lots of friends.

Hemalsha Athathpitiya
Dharmaraja College, Kandy

My school
My school is WP/MT/Meegama Kanishta Vidyalaya. It is a Junior School. My school is very beautiful and very clean. It is situated in the Kalutara district. It is a mixed school.
There are four buildings in my school.
It has a shrine room, computer room,
music room, lab, library and a playground.
There are about 20 teachers and about
270 students in my school. The principal is
Mr. K. V. D. Chandradasa. He is a very good principal.
There are classes from Grade Six to Eleven. There are many beautiful flowers and trees in my school garden. I love my school and I am proud to be a student of my school.

Sarani Aloka (12 years)
WP/MT/Meegama K.V., Meegama

My best friend
My best friend is Asna Aafreen. She is nine years old. She is very fair and tall. She has two brothers and one sister.
Her hobby is collecting stamps and her favourite subject is Maths. She is in Grade Four at Matara Ilma College. She plays with me. I love her and
she loves me.

Misna Misbah (Grade 4)
Salahiya Int. School, Weligama

A visit to an orphanage
One evening my  family and I visited an orphanage. We got the opportunity to see many orphans. We got the
opportunity to give many items to the orphans.
They were very happy to see us. We played with the orphans.

Sesadi Gamage (Grade 5)
St. Anthony’s Girls’ College, Kandy

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