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Anagarika Dharmapala – 150th Birth Anniversary

On cue with the Chairman of the Anagarika Dharmapala Trust writing to the newspapers saying that the vision, mission and ideals of the national icon, Anagarika Dharmapala must not be confined just to his birthday on September 17, President Mahinda Rajapaksa this week announced that the next 12 months would…



Tony’s new chapter in life

Tony’s new chapter in life

He is acting no more although he strode like a colossus across the silver screen for nearly half a century. Now 77, for Ranasinghe Hettiarachchige Ignatius Anthony Silva,…


Police, militarisation and people power protests The search light is on the Police these days and divergent views have been expressed in the media in this regard. There…

Who is eligible for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program?

 The U.S. Embassy in Sri Lanka is proud to partner with the Sunday Times, in this bi-weekly “Ask the Consul” column to answer common questions about visas to…

Guess who’s coming to damn/dance/dazzle?

Growing up, one soon got used to the excitement over people coming home to see us. Grown-ups then seemed to be the most excited about our unexpected visitors.…

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Rajani: Right is might

Rajani: Right is might

Remembering a Jaffna academic, who is still an inspiration to all who fight for human rights,…

Through a daughter’s eyes

Sino-India border tension eases as Xi visit ends

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Mirror Magazine

Finding his roots

Finding his roots

What compelled Larry T. Hill to travel thousands of miles on the open seas so he…

Shaking things up with ‘Dazzle-In a Singing Style’

Shining from the East

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TV Times

‘Sri Lanka Kollo Wasai’: World Cup song from Gypsies

‘Sri Lanka Kollo Wasai’: World Cup song from Gypsies

Only five months away from the most anticipated cricketing event, ‘2015 World Cup’, M Entertainments, a…

Sam flies to USA

‘Thambara Sara’ staged with a great success

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Funday Times

rt Exhibition on Biodiversity

rt Exhibition on Biodiversity

In honour of World Children’s Day, ‘First Art’, Art Foundation for Children, is holding its third…

Nittambuwa Whiz-Kids dazzle

Kids world

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