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TNA must engage Lankan leaders, not Indian

Last week’s ‘pilgrimage to India’ by the delegation of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) leaders had an element of subservience shrouded in subterfuge. Details of the visit were hard to extract though our Political Editor managed to ferret out most. The TNA issued no statement, and the Indian Prime Minister’s Office…



My Grandpa who ‘ran away to sea’

My Grandpa who ‘ran away to sea’

One day, around noon, two schoolboys were walking home from school. It must have been about 1883, and the boys were from S. Thomas’ College at Mutwal. Mutwal…


Study in contrasts: Kadirgamar and our present-day envoys The recent Sunday Times article on late Mr. Lakshman Kadirgamar is both timely and thought provoking. It is timely, not…

For folly, ice is also great, and would suffice to treat

There isn’t a cat who hasn’t caught the ice-bucket action on social media of late. The thing has gone so viral that you could even say it was…

Craftalive lights up local touch

Craftalive lights up local touch

The National Craft Council’s dynamic Chairman Buddhi Keerthisena and Colombo Fashion Week’s ever-innovative Ajai Vir Singh have a good thing going in their collaboration to highlight local crafts…

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Beauties and the feast

Beauties and the feast

Bringing out the elephants in place of the red carpet, Cinnamon Lodge Habarana welcomed the top…

Redefining an ancient concept

Launch of Sinhala translation of “Origins of Love”

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Mirror Magazine

A fiery challenge to help a heart

A fiery challenge to help a heart

You’ve heard of the #IceBucketChallenge, the Indian #RiceBucketChallenge, the Nepali #FillTheBucket challenge, but would you dare…


Stars dazzle at the 2014

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TV Times

‘Sonic’ sets journey through

‘Sonic’ sets journey through

The band ‘Sonic’, though they are three years old in the music scene, is comparatively much…

Cliff back on stage

How we use time

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Funday Times

A look inside the Veddah Museum

A look inside the Veddah Museum

The mud clad building in the middle of the village is one of the most important…

Sri Lanka’s Indigenous People

Girl Guides Wonder Camp

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