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Targetted sanctions;the new weapons of war

Sanctions are the necessary middle ground between war and words, said Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General. Today, sanctions are widely used as a political tool to impose the will of some countries upon others, without the commitment of troops or military hardware. The United States takes the lead. Its list of designated persons is more [...]

Plunder and squander of public funds

Financial Regulations were referred to as the ‘Bible’ of the public service while Administrative Regulations were no less hallowed. Today, unbeknown to the citizenry, key members of the ruling administration are making a mockery of both. Vital processes are being overruled and overridden, often by persons who have neither legal nor legitimate right to deal [...]

Fish and Tamil Nadu CM’s chips

The Indian state Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, a former actress of the silver-screen, has suddenly become oh so prudish that she takes offence at a cartoon illustrating an article posted on Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) website that depicted her writing ‘love letters’ to the Indian Prime Minister. The reference, she complained, was “highly [...]

Big power silence on Gaza, warning for Lanka

The situation in the Gaza region in the Palestine territories has multiple issues. Foremost among them are the mounting civilian casualties in the clash between Israel and the Palestinian group, Hamas, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. But there are also those issues that have a bearing on countries like Sri Lanka. The ‘Palestinian problem’ [...]

Losing diplomatic war

In marked contrast to the hysterical screeching by Government leaders that there shall be no domestic or international inquiry into the last days of the military campaign to defeat the LTTE in May of 2009, we are now faced with both. The silence by these same leaders to last week’s decision to hold a domestic [...]

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