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Refuge for refugees

A World Refugee Day came and went on June 20 without much ado. Sri Lanka has the unique distinction of being a refugee exporter and refugee importer, so to say. Additionally, it is also a country that has its own domestic refugees, known as IDPs (Internally Displaced People). Thus, it…



What a catch through the ages!

What a catch through the ages!

In a tiny corner of a plush building down Main Street in the throbbing heart of the Pettah, there is much activity………….while the finishing touches are being added…


‘Senanayaked’ or ‘Buttlered’: It’s up to you, cricket fans The running out of Buttler by Sachitra Senanayake has indeed raised a hornets’ nest. Numerous opinions have been expressed…


Chula Ratnatunga The experiences with him will remain forever Chula Ratnatunga – A kind man who had many skills, talents and experiences, but considered himself to be ordinary.…

Making music in the glitzy world of Hollywood

Making music in the glitzy world of Hollywood

Elation tinged with humility and success with sorrow. This is what Music Producer Suren Wijeyaratne experienced in the split-second between accepting the trophy and delivering his speech before…

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Mirror Magazine

Lankan expat’s dream told by ‘Gappiya’

Lankan expat’s dream told by ‘Gappiya’

There’s something about Tharindu Wijesekara that is as brutally honest in real life as his alter…

Making others happy

Xtaztic gets underway

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TV Times

‘Chill Out’ to rock Colombo

‘Chill Out’ to rock Colombo

Musician may come and go but many old veteran musicians and bands still keep the ball…

Musician of the middle path

Old Sebs go ‘back to school’

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Funday Times

Poson Perahera by kids

Poson Perahera by kids

The Poson Perahera by kids of Camberwell Modern Montessori, Moratuwa  was held on June 9, 2014…

The coastal city of Negombo

Locked up

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