My father is Kishan Samaranayake. He is big and tall. He brings me lots of nice things. He loves me a lot. I love him a lot too. Nehara Samaranayake (Grade 1) St. Bridget’s Convent Daddy you’re the best,  better than the rest When you play with me, you make me happy You read me [...]

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My father is
Kishan Samaranayake. He is big and tall. He brings me lots of nice things. He loves me a lot. I love him a lot too.

Nehara Samaranayake
(Grade 1)
St. Bridget’s Convent

Daddy you’re the best,  better than the rest
When you play with me,
you make me happy
You read me many fun stories at night
And scare away all my frights
I love you and I know
you love me too
All I wanted to say was,
Happy Father’s Day!

Nandita Dayanand
(9 years)
The Overseas School of Colombo

My father’s name is Sha Abdul Cader.
He is 47 years old. He is a businessman.
He helps me to do my Maths homework. He loves to play hockey. When I came first in class he gave me a Monopoly. I love him too.

Aathika Cader
(10 years)
Muslim Ladies College, Colombo 4

To Dad on Father’s Day
I sure hope this Father’s Day
Is your very best by far
Extra nice and extra fun
The way you always are
Times are fun when you’re around
No nicer dad could ever be found
You’re the greatest kind of dad
Any kid has ever had!

Manthi De Silva (9 years)
Lyceum Int. School

My father is Ruwan Hatharasinghe. He is 48 years old. He works at Lanka Cement Corporation. He loves me. He brings lots of sweets, fruits and toys for me. He works hard for our family.
My father teaches us to behave well in the society. He wants me to become a good person. My father is smart and has good qualities.
He is a charming character who is very responsible and dedicated to his work. He likes cars and modern vehicles. He is a caring person and never leaves us alone. I love my father and wish him a long life.

Vinuka Hatharasinghe
(10 years)
Isipathana College

Dear Dada,
How are you?
Happy Father’s Day! I hope you are doing well.
How is life? Is it fun?
I want to see what you are doing. I want to tell you
I have shifted to Malabe
on April 6. I have my own
bedroom with all the toys that you gave me in the past. I have more friends now. The days are longer. School is fun.
I have more lessons to learn.
What are you doing in
heaven? Do you have any friends? What are their names?
I miss the times playing together in Dubai. I hope you enjoyed this letter.
Wish you a Happy Father’s Day!
With love, Misha

Misha Miskin (9 years)
Horizon College Int., Malabe

When I open my eyes I see you
You are my star in my whole world
You gave to me your love and make my life happy
You are my sweet dream in the night
You are my big sunshine
I can see you everyday like a star
You are like a diamond in my life

Shane Binada
(7 years)
St. Benedict’s College,

The person I admire most
He is the hero in my life.
He is so caring about me.
He is always behind me.
He all the time encourages me. Whenever I need him he is always next to me. I love him so much. When I fall,
he gives his hand to me.
Do you know who my most admirable person is? He is none other than my father.

Senuka Nagodavitharana (Grade 3)
S. Thomas’ Preparatory School, Colombo 3

He is the best in the world.
Kind, caring and loving,
Brings me toys and food
I like most,
Plays cricket with me on holidays,
Corrects me when I do wrong,
Gets worried when I’m sick,
Sleeps with me every night,
He is my father I love most.

Theekshana Stephan
(8 years)
St. Thomas Catholic Int. College, Seeduwa

Father you make me very happy,
And you help me to grow up.

You are the greatest man,
In the world to me.
Because you have told
What a boy wants to be.

When I grow up
I will be a pilot,
And take you up in the sky.

Nadeev Ehelamalpe
(9 years)
Defence Services College

My father’s name is Indunil. He is fair and handsome. My father is an engineer. He likes to eat mangoes. His hobby is playing cricket.
He brings me clothes and toys. His home town is Matale. He is good and kind. I love my father very, very much.

Kumudi Abeywarna (Grade 2)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

Through hundreds of  failures,
Amidst sarcastic smiles,
Beneath endless obstacles,
A father outshines,Shadowing your success…
His encouraging smiles, Will revitalize your  spirits,
And Will energize your thoughts!
A father mirrors,
A fountain of kindness,
Let him linger,
In your heart,
Till your breaths last…
Years may pass by,
You will reach high,
But never let,
That gentle affection die,
Make your father sigh!

Umanda Hansamali
(16 years)
Pushpadana Girls’ College, Kandy

My father is Mr. Sanka. He is fat and tall. He lives in Pothuhera. He has a van. He can drive fast. He is 47 years old. He has two kids.
Every morning he takes us to school.
I love my father.

Chanul Kaluhendiwela (Grade 1)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

My father is Mr. Mahinda Gunasekara. He is very handsome. He works at the police station.
His favourite food is rice and curry. He lives in Panthiya. His favourite drink is water. His favourite colour is white. He is a police officer.
His favourite hobby is gardening. He is very good. I love my father.

Thanuri Gunasekara (10 years)
Ananda Shrasthralaya, Matugama

My dear lovely dad

You’re the king in my world,
Gave me true love only you,
It’s in my heart,
It’s never forget.

You’re the moon in my life,
You’re a light in my life,
It’s in my heart,
It’s never forget.

You’re a guide in my life,
You gave a direction to me,
It’s in my heart,
It’s never forget.

Pasan Dewmini
(12 years)
C.W.W. Kannangara M.V., Matugama

The person I admire most
The person I admire most is my father. My father is a  kind-hearted person. He is very good. My father’s name is Pradeep Dissanayake. He earns lots of money for the school and classes.
My father is a businessman. He protects us from danger.
He gets up early morning to go for his job. My father is a leader in my family. I call my father Appachchi. He can cook well.
My father’s food is very tasty and spicy too.
I take my father like a hero too. I’m happy that I have a father like him. I love my Appachchi very much. He also loves me a lot.

Senuri Dissanayake (Grade 7)
Hillwood College, Kandy

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