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Brothers Grimm spectaculathon

Brothers Grimm spectaculathon

Over their lifetime the Brothers Grimm penned 209 fantastical fairy tales, each with their own grisly murders, magic and happy-or not so happy-endings. Today, of course, these stories have been spun with sugar and transformed into tales of love and talking bunnies a la Disney. Which version do you prefer? Perhaps the Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon, [...]

A thriller with a twist

For Javin Thomas the production ‘Blood Money’ was the first play he read with the intention of staging. Wanting a cast of predominantly female characters he finds it interesting to put on one stage, a star cast of women who not only look, but as he puts it “ are completely different people” from how [...]

Changing lanes

Almost half of the year has passed and this is an ideal time for us to take a look back and see if we are in line with the objectives we set out for ourselves at the beginning of the year. Like many years previously we would have encountered un-expected life events which would have [...]

A purrfect plot

A purrfect plot

Forget what you already know about the story ‘Puss in Boots’, because the students of Holy Family Convent (HFC) hope to reinvent the tale with a few twists in their latest production – “You’ve Got It Pussy Cat!!” Choosing songs that the children could relate to was important for musical director Rapti Fernando who felt music [...]

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