My best friend My best friend’s name is Kavya Weerasooriya. She was born on the 1st of August, 2005. She lives in Kotikawatte. Her favourite subject is Science. Kavya has two brothers called Nethun and Vithun.  When it’s my birthday, she gives me very  interesting books. When  I share my jokes with her, she laughs a [...]

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My best friend

My best friend’s name is Kavya Weerasooriya. She was born on the 1st of August, 2005. She lives in Kotikawatte. Her favourite subject is Science. Kavya has two brothers called Nethun and Vithun.  When it’s my birthday, she gives me very  interesting books. When 

I share my jokes with her, she laughs a lot. We like to play cricket with the boys in the class. Her favourite position is as the batsman.
Kavya participates in the school choir. She wants to become a Paediatric Cardiologist. She won a book from the Funday Times book competition and we read the book together.
I am very lucky to have a best friend like Kavya.

Misha Miskin (Year 4)
Horizon College Int., Malabe

My school
My school is Royal College. My school is 179 years old. My school flag is blue and gold. There are more than 8000 boys. My school is in Colombo 7. My school is very popular.
I’m proud to be a Royalist.

Kavindu Malawaraachchi
(7 years)
Royal College

Elephants are the largest animals on land. They have a big nose called the trunk. Everything is large but the tail and eyes are very small.
Only two types of elephants exist today. They are the African elephants and the Asian elephants. African elephants have larger ears. The trunk of the African elephant ends with two tips. The Asian elephant has only one tip.

When the elephant gets angry, it flaps its ears. Male elephants are called bull elephants. When an elephant trumpets, they can be heard up to 10km away.
Some elephants have teeth that grow out of their mouth. They are the tusks. When elephants fight, the one who has the biggest tusk is the
winner. Elephants have no fur.

They protect their skin by going to a  waterhole. They put mud onto their skin. The mud protects the skin.
Elephants are kind animals.  We must protect elephants and their habitats.

Binadha Weerasooriya (9 years)
St. Sebastian’s College, Moratuwa

My favourite  storybook

My favourite storybook is ‘Heidi’. It is the story of the little girl who lived in the mountains. This story was written by a German called Johanna Spyri.
She was born in 1827, in the small farming village of Hirzel.
The Heidi storybook was written in 1880 when she was 53. It became popular at once. A number of other books followed but none of them was as popular as Heidi. Many people enjoy the Heidi story. I am also one of them.

Thanushan Narayanan (13 years)
Royal College, Colombo

Stuck in a lift
It was my birthday and my father, mother and I planned to go out.
So we went to Crescat for shopping.
We had our lunch there and went
shopping. There were many toys, clothes and dolls. I was really
attracted but soon after my mother finished shopping, I pleaded with my father to go to the 7th floor to buy a teddy bear. So he took me in the lift. Only my dad, my mom and I were in the lift.
Suddenly the lift stopped on the 4th floor. I was really shocked and that was the most fearful moment I have ever had. I cried and hugged my
mother. My father comforted me.
No one noticed us and we were stuck in the middle. Later on we thought that
someone would help us but no one
saw us.
Later at around 11.40 pm, while the security guard was closing Crescat, he saw us stuck and helped us to come out of the lift. And eventually we returned home safely.

Hasna Hanam (13 years)
Al-Sharia English Institute

Gardening as a hobby
There are many hobbies that people do in their free time. Reading books, collecting stamps,  watching TV and painting are some of them.
But gardening is one of the greatest pleasures. Gardening gives us many exercises for our body. Raking, planting, clearing land, digging, chopping wood are all good exercises.

Gardening gives us not only exercise, it gives us mental pleasure. When we see trees full of flowers, vegetables and fruits, we feel happy. Gardening can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It reduces problems with heart diseases, diabetes and other diseases. So I feel that gardening is a great hobby for a healthy life.

Pasan Dewmini (Grade 8)
Devi Balika Vidyalaya

If I had wings
I have seen lots of birds with wings. I would also like to have wings like the birds. It is nice to see birds with wings. 

If I have a pair of wings, I will fly high up in the sky. I will meet many friends with wings. But I am so sad that humans don’t have wings. I would really enjoy helping my friends and others to build nests. In an aeroplane, if you look down, you could see the houses and lands like stars. The same things you can see if you have wings. Birds have wings so that they can fly. But I am sad that humans cannot fly.
I am proud of birds. I am so sad that God did not give us wings but he gave birds wings. I love birds and their wings.

Savilashine Sivapragasam (10 years)
Belvoir College Int.

My pets
I have eleven pets at home. I have two dogs,
eight love birds and one cat.
My first dog’s name is Rex. My other dog’s name is Pinky. My birds’ names are Tinky, Binky, Sinky, Clinky, Blue, Rosy, Clucky and Lucky. My cat’s name is Bindu.
Rex’s age is 13 years. Pinky is five years old.
Rex is my elder brother’s. Pinky is my younger
sister’s. They are loving me too much.

Everyday I go to school and come home and my two dogs and I play. We play these games, football, volley ball and basketball. They all play happily with me. When we are playing, our cat comes and bites my leg and runs home.
We play in our big green garden. My mother also comes to play. I love my dogs, birds and cat. I love my pets so much but I love my mother and father more than my pets. I look after my pets carefully.

Diwya Kumari (Grade 4)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle

Vesak Festival
Vesak is the most important  religious festival for Buddhists.
It falls on the full moon day of May. It marks three important events in the life of Lord Buddha. They are the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away of Lord Buddha.
On the Vesak poya day, people get up early in the morning. Some people go to the temple to observe sil, others decorate their houses and gardens. Then in the evening they go to temple to worship Lord Buddha. They accord alms to Bhikkus, to the devotees who have observed sil and to the poor. They enjoy themselves watching  religious plays, the illumination of pandols, Vesak lanterns etc.
Let us live happily in peace and harmony on this important day.

Shwetha Kawindani (Grade 4)
Sussex College, Ampara

My English teacher
My English teacher is
Miss. Nadeeka. She is my favourite teacher. She is very good and kind. She takes care of every pupil in the class. She is always punctual to class. She never canes us. She is very  beautiful and simple. She wears beautiful saris. I love my English teacher very much.

Rizvi Zahrin (Grade 4)
Amina M.V., Matale

My favourite place
My favourite place is Kandy. It is a beautiful place. I like the Kandy Lake mostly. In Kandy there are so many places. Dalada Maligawa is in Kandy. My grandmother is also in Kandy. I love Kandy so much.

Anaaya Ashik (6 years)
Royal Int. School,

My brother Joel
I have a little brother.
Everyone says he looks like my father.
My brother likes the colour blue,
And sometimes he plays with glue.
He goes to Trinity College,
And he gains knowledge.
He likes to eat noodles,
And sometimes he acts like a poodle.
He’s five years old,
And sometimes he is bold.
Sometimes he is a bother,
To me and my mother.
I love my brother very much.

Priscilla Rambukkange (Grade 3)
Hillwood College, Kandy

Where do golden eagles nest?
The golden eagle which is the best known of all the birds of prey, is a huge bird up to three feet in length and
wingspan up to eight feet.
A huge bird like this builds its nest on an inaccessible ledge of a stiff cliff from where it can get a good view of the

Janarthana Pushparajen (10 years)
Republican Int. School,
Nuwara Eliya

Logos Hope: the world’s largest floating book fair Logos Hope is the latest
vessel in this project; the first ship to carry a floating book fair was the Logos which was in operation from 1970 – 1988. Logos started out with the aim of sharing
knowledge through books and hence the books have been marked at a very affordable price as the organisation’s idea was to make reading available to more people.

Logos Hope offers an expanded selection of over 5,000 titles at affordable prices. They cover a range of subjects including  science, sports, hobbies and family life. This book fair is  something that the whole family can enjoy. The rest of the Visitor Experience deck is also open for the public to explore. From the welcome area, which introduces the new vessel through a short movie and interactive display, to the International Café, which has ice-cream, drinks and snacks for sale, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Mihashi Ranasinghe
(Grade 7)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

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