My sister My sister’s name is Rukaiya. She is fair. She is three years old. She is talking very nicely. She does not go to school. She is calling me Hachcha. She likes to wear Shalwar. She is fond of me. I gifted her a nice doll for her birthday. I like her very much. [...]


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My sister
My sister’s name is Rukaiya. She is fair.
She is three years old.
She is talking very nicely. She does not go to school. She is calling me Hachcha. She likes to wear Shalwar. She is fond of me. I gifted her a nice doll for her
birthday. I like her very much.

Hafsa Muhammadh (Grade 3)
Salahiya Int. School, Weligama

The Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
Oh! The marble arch,
The palace of love,
Paintings of marble covers,
His beloved love.

His love for his wife,
Builds a large tower of white,
Which is large in the sky and,
Shows the symbol of extreme love.

Thisanda Ayuka
(Grade 5)
OKI Int. School, Wattala

A sad story about a doll
I’m a pretty doll. I was born in a factory in Japan. There were many friends like me. We were spending an enjoyable life in Japan. After some days, all of us were transported to  Sri Lanka. I went to a toy shop with my friends.
When I was in the toy shop, one day, a little girl called Hansali came to the shop with her mother and bought me. I was very happy. I went to her home. She liked me very much. She played with me very happily.

One day, she went to a class. Her brother played with me and broke my two hands. After some time, Hansali came. She saw this sad incident. She cried loudly. Her mother promised that she will buy another doll.
After that day, she doesn’t play with me. I’m so sad. Now I’m in a dustbin. Every day I pray to get a happy life again.

Pramodya Nethmini (13 years)
Sanghamitta College, Galle

Cricket was found by England
But it’s famous in our own land
Cricket is played with bat and ball
And it is common to all

Wicket-keeper and batsman is Sangakkara
Very good allrounder is Thisara
Fast bowler is Lakmal
Good batsman is Chandimal

We won the World Cup in 1996
Now we will strike big 6
Cricket is an eleven players game
To be one of them is our aim

We will play like Mars
To be future stars
We will work hard for Victory
To make our mark in History

Thiyagarajah Sadithran (13 years)
St. Anthony’s College, Kandy

My hobby
My hobby is collecting stamps. It is an interesting hobby. I have a large
collection of stamps.

They are from different  countries. I exchange stamps with my friends.
Sometimes my father brings me used stamps and I paste them in my stamp album. I prefer Sri Lankan stamps to other countries.
I can learn a lot by studying  various stamps issued in many countries in the world. I love collecting stamps.

Ransara Mauranga (Grade 8)
St. Mary’s College, Matugama

Water is a valuable natural resource. It is a limited resource too. We get water from natural sources as well as artificial sources. Natural sources are rivers, waterfalls, streams and rain. Tube wells, tanks, ponds and reservoirs are the artificial sources.
Both humans and the environment need water.

We use water for cooking and drinking. People use water for  fishing.
We need water for transportation. Not only that, we use water to generate electricity. People use water for agricultural purposes.
We need water for industrial purposes. We should use water without wasting.
We should not pollute water.

We must protect water. Water is our life blood.

Kavindi Thaksala (Grade 10)
Ovitigala M.V., Mathugama

D arker is better
E asy to wear
N o problem to wash
I n different sizes
M ost of them love it
S tylish to wear

Inshaf (Grade 8)
Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

My favourite sportsman
My favourite sportsman is Sangakkara. He is a world famous cricketer. He was born in Sri Lanka. He is the former captain of Sri Lanka.
His hometown is Kandy.
He studied at Trinity College.
He is the best in the world. He holds many records. He bagged many international awards. He is the most popular batsman today.
He bats fast. We like to see him batting. He is a
lawyer by profession.
I love him very much.

Sonath Kirindage
(Grade 6)
Rahula College,

My father

My father’s name is Terrance. He is forty.
He is tall. He is fair. He is
handsome. He has short hair. He is thin. He works in Sri Lankan Airlines.
He works hard. I love him. He loves me too.

Damian Wimalasuriya (Grade 4)
Maris Stella College, Negombo

My friend
My friend
is Shenali.
She is tall.
She is thin.
She is beautiful.
She is eight.
She is good.
I love my friend.

Piumi Wimalasuriya (Grade 2)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

An interesting Dance Festival

An amazing Dance Festival was held at the Bishop’s College Auditorium on March 7, 2014 at 6.30 p.m. This festival was organized by Alethea International School and sponsored by Daily Mirror and the Sunday Times. Many schools took part, such as; Alethea International, Leeds International, Gateway College, Asian International, Wycherley, Methodist and St. Bridget’s. My school Belvoir College International was also a part of it.

The programme actually commenced at 7p.m., because many participants were caught up in heavy rain and traffic. My school performed two dances, a Western Dance (Ballet) and Bharatha Dance by the senior girls. My sister took part in the Western Dance.All the dances were really amazing and exciting. There were dances like Western Traditional Dances, Eastern Traditional Dances and Folk Dances. The little ones from Asian International School performed lovely. My school performed extraordinarily.

At last came the Awards Ceremony, a moment which we all were waiting for. Trophies and certificates were given to cheer the talents of the performers.
My school won the 1st Runner Up prize for Bharatha Dance and 2nd Runner Up prize for the Western Dance (Ballet) and overall my school was placed third.

Shannan Fernando (13 years)
Belvoir College International

My sister and I

My sister is Malishka.She is three years old. She is very pretty. I like to play with her. I love my sister very much.

Shevan Fernando (Grade 2)
S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia

My favourite TV programme
‘Jewel in the Crown’ is a Korean drama and my favourite TV programme. It was a famous kids’ teledrama which was telecast by ‘Swadhina Rupavahini’ last year, on every weekday at 6.30 p.m. Then it was named as ‘Abitha Diyaniya’ and it was translated into Sinhala. The name of the main actress is Han Hyo Joo and her character was Dong Yi. The main actor is Ji Jin Hee and his character was the King Sukjong. Dong Yi started her life as a music instrument player in the Royal Palace. Then step by step she developed her life. She was a brave, cheerful and a nice character. That is why I like her character.

In the drama she had to face many obstacles during her life. However she faced them bravely and achieved her task. I was able to get many good qualities from her character. It was a nice drama which is in every child’s heart as well as in adults. I love it very much.

Shanika Rasangi (14 years)
NCEF Buddhist College, Mulleriyawa


My name is Aqeel.
I am six years old.
I am in Grade Two.
I like sports. I am a good boy. My school is
St. Peter’s College.

Aqeel Rahim
(6 years)
St. Peter’s College, Colombo 4

The Solar System
The Solar System has eight planets in it and those planets are, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. We live on Planet Earth. The Earth is the third planet from the Sun. Mercury is the smallest and fastest planet. It zooms around the Sun at 173,000 kilometres per hour speed
Venus is the hottest planet and Jupiter is the largest. It has four big moons.

They are, Ganymede, Io, Europa and Callisto. Saturn is the only planet that originally has rings around it. Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. Neptune is the coldest planet in the Solar System. In the night we see so many stars. But in the Solar System there are many millions of stars. If an asteroid comes near the Earth, it won’t hit the Earth because the Earth has an atmosphere. The atmosphere is a circle of gases around the Earth.

Akil Jahn (Grade 2)
Wesley College

My school
The name of my school is Al-Sharia English Institute. There are four floors in my school. It is situated in Dematagoda. There are around
35 teachers and around 1000 students.  My school was started in 2003. My school celebrated its 10th year on May 5, 2013. I studied for eight years in my school.
The principal of my school is Mrs. Zareena Azeez. The director of my school is Mr. Hareek.

Rukaiya Nizam
(12 years)
Al-Sharia English Institute

My mother
My mother is Lakshmi Wickramasingha. She is 35 years old. She is a housewife.
She cooks food for the family. She is very nice. She has long hair.
She is very kind.
My mother is a friend and
teacher to me. She looks after my family.
I love my mother very much.

Rusandi Wickramasingha
(Grade 5)
Sirimavo Bandaranayaka Vidyalaya




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