My dolly I have a lovely dolly. Her name is Pinky. She is very beautiful. She has curly brown hair and she has a pair of golden shoes. My dolly plays with me. Pinky has a beautiful cot to sleep in . My dolly has lots of dresses. She has bangles. Pinky has long hair. [...]


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My dolly
I have a lovely dolly. Her name is Pinky. She is very beautiful. She has curly brown hair and she has a pair of golden shoes.
My dolly plays with me. Pinky has a beautiful cot to sleep in . My dolly has lots of dresses. She has bangles. Pinky has long hair. I like my dolly very much and Pinky likes me so much.

Chamathki Suraweera (10 years)
Musaeus College


Reading books
Reading books is an interesting hobby. We gain a vast knowledge by reading books. Books give us entertainment too. There are many kinds of books, storybooks, fairytales, mystery books, educational books, religious books and English books.

When I am free I spend my time with books. There is a saying, “Reading makes a perfect man”. By reading books we get a vast knowledge about the world. If all the children take to reading books as a hobby, our world will be a joyous place.

Lihini Guneratne (Grade 5)
Holy Family Convent, Dehiwala


An exciting incident
We had an exhibition. We had to select a country and prepare our classroom to look like that country. 

We selected our country as. Hong Kong. We prepared decorations to make our class be seen as Hong Kong. We prepared Hong Kong food.
I dressed as a boy from Hong Kong and stayed near the food table.

Our guests came to see our class. The chief guest was the Chinese Ambassador. He came with our principal. When they came close to the food table, the chief guest asked me what was there. I had to explain about Hong Kong food. This was something I did not expect. The chief guest was very happy about the way I explained. It was an exciting incident in my life.

Lochana Ranatunga (Grade 5)
Royal College, Colombo


My favourite sport
My favourite sport is Rugby. In that game 15 players play the game in each side. A referee should be in the game to play it safe. Recently the Rugby World Cup was held in England, Wales and Ireland. The participating teams were Australia, England, New Zealand, Samoa, Wales, Fiji, France, Tonga, Cook Islands, Italy, Papua New Guinea, Ireland and Scotland. Australia were the champions in the World Cup. The defending champions were New Zealand.

I am in my College Rugby Under 12 (A Team). We often have matches at the Royal Complex. Our coach is Shanthe Sir. He was a National player.
I love Rugby!

Hassan Namiz (11 years)
Colombo 10


My best friend
My best friend is Shifna. She goes to 

Ilma International Girls’ School. She is in Grade Two.
She likes to eat  chicken and fruits.
She likes to drink Sprite. Her favourite colour is pink. She is very  intelligent. She has one sister. She lives in Dehiwala. She plays with me. I like Shifna very much. She likes me too.

Salma Shiham
(Grade 2)
Ilma Int. Girls’ School


My name is Mohamed Dilshad. I am eight years old. I study at Amal International School. I live in Dehiwala. My father’s name is Dilshad and my mother’s name is Shakira. I have one sister and one brother. 

My favourite food is rice and my favourite drink is orange juice. My favourite vehicle is a bike. My favourite game is football. My hobby is collecting money. I like to study well and my ambition is to become a doctor. I love myself and my family very much.

Mohamed Dilshad (8 years)
Amal Int. School


The 3R’s
In the modern world, people are continuously using up the Earth’s resources. Out of them, non-renewable resources cannot be replaced. Humans are using huge quantities of these non-renewable resources. The limited amounts of these resources will all be used up one day and that day is not far. We cannot prevent this from happening but we can prolong the time before this day.

There are three ways in which this can be done. One is to use less of the resources available.
Even when we are shopping,  we can buy goods with less packing and so we shall be contributing little by little towards saving the Earth’s resources. We can thus reduce the amount of resources  we use.

The next way is to use things that we have, again. For example, instead of throwing away a drink can, we can decorate it and use it as a pencil holder. The paper used to decorate it can be the pieces of paper you throw out. We can thus re-use the Earth’s resources again.The last but most efficient way is to recycle. Waste such as broken glass, plastic and metal can easily be recycled so that they can be used to make new substances. In this way, we need to use less of Earth’s remaining resources. So, if we put the three R’s (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle), into action, we can save the Earth’s resources.

Janani Randhula (14 years)
Willesden College Int.,


My best friend
My best friend  is Hansagi. She is a kind and good
student. She goes to Biyagama School. She is in Grade Four.
Hansagi likes apples. Her favourite colour is pink. She can play netball. I like her very much.

Theekshana Thejani
(Grade 4) Biyagama P. S.


My town
My town is Aluthgama.
It’s in the Kalutara District. It is close to the sea beach. There are many facilities in my town such as banks, schools, libraries,
supermarkets, hospitals etc. There are shanties, flats and many other buildings.
Many foreigners visit my town. I love to live in my town.

Lakni Thumeshika
(Grade 5)
Siriniwasa P.S., Walagedara


Queen  Viharamaha Devi
She was the queen of King Kavantissa who ruled Ruhuna. She had two sons, Prince Gemunu and Prince Tissa. Queen Viharamaha Devi’s father was King Kelanitissa. Prince Gemunu was the eldest son and 

defeated King Elara and became king with the
blessings of his brave mother.
Queen Viharamaha Devi was very famous for her beauty and courage. She was known as ‘Mother of the Sinhala Nation.’

Yahali Wijeweera (9 years)
Hillwood College, Kandy

The baby kingfisher
One day I went to my friend’s house to play. We played hide and seek. I could not find them very soon. So I went near the pond. I saw a blue stone. I went near that. When I went near the stone, it started to move. Then I called my sister, brother and friend. They came running and asked why. I said to them the stone is

Then my friend Malimy went near it. She said that is not a stone, it is a kingfisher. I wanted it to keep as my pet. I went home to get permission to keep the bird near me. Luckily I got permission from Mom and Dad. So I gave it some fresh fish. It ate the fish happily. We named him ‘Pilly Blue.’
After a few days we went
swimming. I told Mom to look after my bird. When Pilly was inside its box it came out. When Mom went to catch it, it flew away. I missed my pet bird.

Yuhana Inthaaj (Grade 6)
Sujatha Vidyalaya, Matara


My favourite writer
I like T.B. Ilangarathna as my favourite writer. His full name is Tikiri Banda Ilangarathna. He is a great writer among other writers.
He has written many books and novels. ‘Amba Yaluwo’, ‘Shishyathwaya’, ‘Hapana’ and ‘Lokanthaya’ are some of them. Among those novels I like ‘Amba Yaluwo’ the best.

The two main characters of this novel are Sunil and Nimal. Nelumbandara, Nelum Kumarihamy, Mythrie and Galbanda are some other characters in it. In this novel, Sunil is rich and Nimal is very poor. But they are friends. This novel is about their life story. By reading these books we can learn many things and spend leisure usefully.

Senuri Weerakoon
(Grade 7)
Ave Maria Convent,



My name is Yasuru.
I am nine years old. I live in Dikkapitiya.
I can run fast. I can swim.
I cannot cook. I cannot climb trees. I cannot ride
bicycles. I have one
brother and no sisters.
I have a pet dog. I have a toy car. I like to eat rice.
I like to drink water.
My father’s name is Nandana. I have a lot of storybooks. I like to eat cake. My ambition is to be a soldier. I am a good boy.

Yasuru Rashmika (Grade 4)
B/Dikkapitiya Vidyalaya


How we celebrated Independence Day
We celebrated the Independence Day in our school JMC College International, Kotmale. Our principal hoisted the National Flag. While our principal was hoisting the flag all the children sang the National Anthem.

In our school some students wore their national dresses. After singing the National Anthem we sang some patriotic songs.
Then we delivered speeches about the national heroes. I spoke about Gonagala Banda. One of the teachers did a speech about the day. From the teacher’s speech we got the ideas about the 66th Independence. On that day we celebrated Independence with great happiness.

R. Praveen (Grade 5)
JMS College


A visit to a remote school
We, the members of our English Club visited a school in Mawathagama Educational Zone, Kurunegala. The name of the school is Katawala K.V. We reached the school by 9.30 a.m. We were warmly welcomed by the principal, teachers and students of the school. All the children in the school were able to speak in English. Their English teacher, Mr. Wilbert Ranasinghe was very  helpful to all of us. We did a lot of activities with them. We staged dramas, sang songs, delivered speeches and did games.

We talked to each other and got to know about them. We could see how they hold debates on different topics in English. And we learnt a lot from them and we
invited them to come to
our school. It was an
unforgettable trip indeed.

Isitha Mallawarachchi (Grade 8)
St. Mary’s College, Mathugama

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