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Sri Lanka Girl Guides go ECO

Sri Lanka Girl Guides go ECO

Lord Baden Powell (the Founder of Girl Guiding ) chose “Be Prepared” as the Guide Motto. This was such a camp where the Motto was truly proved to its utmost and a true Guide’s skills were put to test . It all began on December 14, 2013 when 18 Guides along with five other officials [...]

My favourite book

‘Magic Tree House’ is my all time favourite book series written by Mary Pope Osborne and illustrated by Philippe Masson. The first book of the series was published in 1992. ‘A Wild West Ride’ is the first book. I received it as a gift from my grand aunt during last year’s Eid festival. This series [...]

A trip I enjoyed

The trip I enjoyed most was to Leisure World. It is very interesting to play. The train I went on was very dangerous. I mostly like the water games. My family all came to Leisure World. I am always expecting to go again. I love my trip very much. Akshitha Thiyagaraja (10 years) High Level [...]

A trip to Hikkaduwa

It was our school holidays. We went on a trip to Hikkaduwa. We saw nice corals. We bathed in the sea. We stayed in a hotel for two days. We played on the beach. I enjoyed myself. Then we came back home. We were all very happy. Shwetha Abeywarna (Grade 2) Royal Int. School, Kurunegala

A beautiful town in Sri Lanka

There are several beautiful towns in  Sri Lanka. Kandy is one of them. Kandy is the main town in the Central Province. The world famous Dalada Maligawa is situated in Kandy. It is a sacred place as the Lord Buddha’s Tooth Relic is enshrined there. The Kandy Perahera too is world famous. It is held [...]

My new pen

My new pen’s name is Atlas Chooty Gel pen. It can write well and it is my best pen. It has gel in its ink. I always write with it. My mother gave it on my birthday. It is a big pen. It has a nice shape.  One day I missed the pen. I searched [...]

My favourite game

My favourite game is football. Football is an interesting game. The world’s most famous sport is football. There are eleven players in one team. In June the World Cup will begin in Brazil. The teams that are expected to do well are Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, Uruguay, England and Netherlands. Our country Sri Lanka is improving [...]

Our School Day

My school is St. Bridget’s Convent. We celebrated our School Day on January 31, 2014. Our school premises were decorated with colourful flowers. The school children came in new school uniforms on that day. Everybody gathered in the ground and the squads started to march. It was the day of the Investiture of Prefects. The [...]

My Aunty

My Aunt’s name is Nisha Mahdy Hassan. We all call her None Aunty. She is 57 years old. She has black hair and she wears spectacles. She is very active in her work. She was a Deputy Principal of Khairiya Muslim Balika Maha Vidyalaya. She gets up early in the morning and she prays to [...]

My little sister

My sister’s name is Vihangi. She is ten months old. Her favourite food is fried rice. She loves to play with her toys and she loves flowers. My sister is very small. I love her a lot. Yenuki Bimansa (6 years) Girls’ High School, Mt. Lavinia

My favourite author

My favourite author is J. K. Rowling. She is in England. She was born on  July 31, 1965. Now she is 48 years old. She has written many books for children and adults. Her first novel for adults was ‘The Casual Vacancy’. She wrote seven Harry Potter books. They are very famous and interesting. I like [...]

Plight of elephants

The elephant is a majestic animal. In many ancient countries, the elephants is respected and used in religious events. The elephant, unlike other animals is very dignified. It is a herbivore and does not harm other animals in the jungle. Unfortunately in Sri Lanka, there is a conflict between man and elephants. Man has cut down [...]

My self

My name is Aamilah Ismail. I am seven years old. I go to Belvoir College International. I live in Wellawatte. I like to drink milk and eat ice-cream. My hobby is collecting money. Aamilah Ismail (Grade 2) Belvoir College Int.

Travelling in an aeroplane

My father is an officer in the Indian Airlines. Last Sunday, he took me in the official bus. We reached Palam Airport. There was a huge plane on the runway. We climbed up the stairs and got into the plane.  It soon started. There was a loud sound. I was afraid. My father told me [...]

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