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Buddhist Ladies College Sports Meet

Buddhist Ladies College  Sports Meet

St. Lawrence’s Convent Annual Inter House Sports Meet

St. Lawrence’s Convent Annual Inter House Sports Meet

Why do we learn English?

Learning English is very important to us because it’s our second language. If we want to improve our English knowledge we have to speak in English and that’s why our teachers are always telling us to speak in English during the school time. If we learn English we can go to any other country and [...]

Our trip to Polonnaruwa

It was the Christmas vacation. My father proposed to go on a trip. We decided to go to Polonnaruwa. We were all happy and prepared necessary things for the trip. Our aunty and Mahappa also  consented to join us. So there were 13 happy members in our group. First we went to the ruined city [...]

Unforgettable season for the Antonian Choir

The season started with ‘Winter Melodies’ at Temple Trees on December 6, 2013. It was a great experience for us to be at Temple Trees. Next, the Sri Lanka Army had organized a carol service at Vavuniya. We started our tour on December 15. Our Choral Director, Rev. Fr. Araliya Jayasundara along with two teachers [...]

Independent Sri Lanka

My motherland Sri Lanka celebrates its 66th Independence Day on February 4, 1948, after about 445 years of foreign domination. Some of our national heroes like Veera Puran Appu, Gongalegoda Banda fought with Britishers to regain our independence. We call them patriots because they offered their lives in the freedom struggle. Therefore it is our [...]

My favourite actor

Everyone likes actors. He would be Hindi, Hollywood, Chinese etc. My favourite actor is Colin Morgan. He is a Hollywood young actor. He acts as ‘Merlin’. He lives in Wales, England. Other than Merlin he gave birth as a mad  person in ‘Doctor Who’ film and as the main character in ‘Complete Recovery’. Colin is [...]

My best friend

My best friend is Dinee. She goes to Musaeus College. She is in Grade Six. Dinee likes to eat chips and fruits. She likes to drink Soda. Her favourite colour is yellow. She likes to do ballet. Dinee wears frocks, blouses and skirts. She is fair and very beautiful. Dinee has short hair. She lives [...]

Role of Education in our lives

Education plays a major role in our lives. Nowadays, without education nothing can succeed. Wherever we go, everyone starts inquiring about our qualifications. It is important that every child is provided with an education as it is a necessary thing in life. If you are educated in the right way, then you can face any [...]

My favourite teacher

My favourite teacher is Miss. Shimla. She is my Science teacher. I like her very much. She too loves me. She is very pretty. She is very kind. Her favourite colour is pink. Her favourite food is pizza. She likes to drink milk. She likes to eat grapes. Her hobby is to read books and [...]

My new bicycle

On my eighth birthday, my father bought me a beautiful bicycle. It was a ‘Tomahawk Mountain Bicycle’. It was very expensive. I put a name to my bike. It was Ben10. It is a big bicycle. The colours of my bicycle are red, black and yellow. There is a horn on the handle. There is [...]

My school

The name of my school  is St. Bridget’s Convent. Our school started in the year 1902 on February 15. It was the 2nd house of the Good Shepherd Congregation in Sri Lanka. It was established by Most Rev. Dr. T. A. Melizan O.M.I Archbishop of Colombo. It was in a rented house ‘The Firs’ at [...]

My favourite sport

My favourite sport is cricket. Today it is the most popular game in Sri Lanka and other countries. I like cricket due to many reasons. When we play cricket we spend a lot of time in the open air. This is extremely good for our health. We get a lot of exercise when we play [...]

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