With Valentine’s Day coming up this week and thoughts of love abounding, we asked our readers about a different kind of love – what they were most passionate about. This week the Mirror Magazine looks towards celebrating the things we love to do and the things that make us who we are. So what gives [...]

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With Valentine’s Day coming up this week and thoughts of love abounding, we asked our readers about a different kind of love – what they were most passionate about. This week the Mirror Magazine looks towards celebrating the things we love to do and the things that make us who we are. So what gives you a buzz? Read on to see what these youngsters felt most passionate about.

Joanna Adams (presenter and event coordinator)
Out of everything I do I have to say I love my wedding coordination work the best. It’s nice to be able to be the ‘superhero’ that saves the bride and groom’s day, taking on their stress and ensuring everything flows smoothly from start to finish. My favourite part is when the ceremony is in process and you get to see the way the groom looks at his bride and she looks back at him with that spark in her eye…and the families all have that smile on their faces… and the crazy dance moves on the floor…and the father and daughter dance… I just love it ALL. There’s nothing like it.

Chrisjit Xavier (medical student ,activist)
As someone who strongly believes that where one is born should not govern his or her opportunities and facilities, I’m passionate about working towards that goal in those parts of Sri Lanka where people don’t enjoy the same opportunities and facilities as others. Being medical student, I hope to put my studies into use by providing good medical care to at least a few persons who would otherwise not get that facility.

Ryan Arseculeratne  (lyricist and guitarist)
I love to compose music and write lyrics. For me it’s a way of expressing myself. Its freedom, I can do whatever I want with my own music. I want to make music that people can relate to, music that motivates them and talks to them. I’m never happier than when writing music.

Dhyresh Mendis (student, metal-man)
Metal speaks to me unlike most other forms of music. Granted blues and classical western music do speak to me too but just not on the same level. There’s so much complexity and emotion in the composition that you need to be a genius to come up with something like that and even smarter to come up with a theme that people can relate to, given they stop judging a book by its cover.

Chathuni Uduwela (undergraduate, presenter)
Fiction. All things fictitious: books, theatre, cinema. To imagine an alternate existence, to think of things you won’t necessarily have to consider in life…it’s very exciting. Liberating, even. Savouring a novel, watching a play-a slight detour from reality is always healthy! And to generate that alternate reality is a pretty special gift, isn’t it?

Ranjula Hearth  (social media and fashion marketing consultant)
I’m passionate about fashion, fashion marketing and shopping. I’m the girl who believes that glossy handbags and shiny shoes are an investment. I also love chocolate cake and gym, strangely enough! You know when you eat a gooey piece of chocolate cake and instantly regret it, because you can just imagine the calories swimming around in your body? There’s nothing like hitting the gym afterwards and burning it all off, training your muscles and feeling just awesome.

Sheshadri Kottearachchi (student, dreamer)
There are three things I’m passionate about; reading, drawing and freshly brewed coffee. I find nothing quite as uplifting as finishing a sketch or reading a new novel with a hot mug of coffee by my side. Recently, I went out and bought a new art book, a small box of water-colour paints and a paint brush. I dipped the paintbrush in water and spent all night drawing. The next morning I woke up and re-read “The Philosopher’s Stone,” by J.K Rowling and once I was finished, I made myself some coffee. Absolute bliss.

Irushi Tennekoon  (illustrator, teacher)
I’m sort of a scatter brain and still at a phase of my life where I’m figuring out my true calling. So in the mean time I try to divide my time between all my passions; art, literature and music. Teaching English and working as a freelance illustrator is what makes me the happiest, especially that sense of giving and being able to inspire someone even in the smallest way. And when things get stressful or I need a break, a couple of hours with my guitar or a good book is bound to get me back to normal.

For those of you who are in love, or out of love or searching for love, all I know is love finds its way when you pursue your dreams. Find something that you love doing and use it to touch people’s hearts. I try to live by that and there is no greater joy in the world for me.

Zainul Meeadh (actor)
Finding the true meaning of life is something the commoner who is clearly trapped in a rat race in the contemporary world, would not have time to look for. But to be able to touch a person’s life, to give love to whom so ever you meet on the road, and to treat another human just as much you would like to be treated by everyone else, is a unique skill possessed only by humans.

I believe in the very essence that, you don’t have to be a celebrity of any kwind to qualify yourself to be close to other humans. I’d say, that’s what I am passionate about. To be what you are today and to be able to give the best of you to others around you. To quote one of the most celebrated humans – Mahathma Gandhi, said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

Hash Bandara (designer, skateboarder)
I put down my feelings in everything I draw. Skateboarding fuels me and keeps fuelling me to do what I love.
I skate whenever I get some free time…some days till late at night. Skating and art is all about being free and being creative. So I skate and create.. That’s my passion and my obsession. That’s what makes me want to wake up everyday and keep doing what Ido.

Dino Corera (media-man, actor)
I’m passionate about change. In challenging the status quo and rethinking the way we do things and always did things. Although resistance to it is fairly within us it’s interesting to step out of your comfort zone in doing things you never thought were possible. It makes you a stronger person and helps you better understand your capabilities.

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