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The Unfriendly Neighbour

The Unfriendly Neighbour

Skippy and Tiffy stopped playing with their plastic ball and stared at their neighbour’s wall.  A beautiful Persian cat, as white as milk, stood there staring back at them. “Oh look! We have a new neighbour,” said Tiffy and walked up to the wall. “Hello, we are your  neighbours!” he said  purring loud. The white [...]

My Christmas vacation

This time I spent my Christmas vacation in Italy and went on a trip to Rome. We went to see many things such as the Coliseum and St. Peter’s Church. The Coliseum is a huge ancient building built by Roman people. It was built as a form of entertainment like a theatre. They were going there [...]

Athletic coaching camp

The athletic coaching camp was held on November 12 – 14 at the Education Development Centre in Wariyapola. It was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot at the camp. Lots of schools participated at this coaching camp. My school Maliyadeva College sent four  representatives, including myself. At this camp we came across lots of [...]

The world

Our world has more than 200 countries. There are cold and hot countries. Sri Lanka is a hot country. The smallest country is the Vatican. The biggest country is Russia. Kavindu Malawaraarachchi (7 years) Royal College

My best friend

My friend is Shamla. She is a girl. She is eight years old. She goes to St. Lawrence’s Convent. We play together every day at school. She lives in Dehiwala.  Her favourite subject is Art. Her favourite vegetable is carrots. Her favourite  animal is the rabbit. She is very fair. She is very pretty. Her [...]

My grandfather

My grandfather’s name is M.H.M. Nizam. He is a retired Post Master. He has grey hair and he wears  spectacles. Though he is old he is very active in his work. He gets up early in the morning, prays to God and starts his work in the garden. He loves me and my brother a [...]

A journey to the Blue Mountains and Three Sisters

I visited Australia for my year-end holidays. We visited Sydney and Melbourne. When we visited Sydney, we visited one of the main tourist attractions there, ‘The Blue Mountains’ and ‘The Three Sisters’. This place is far away from the city. It took us about two and a half hours drive. The Blue Mountains look blue in [...]

Autobiography of a pencil

I am a pencil. My name is Maped. I was born in London. My owner is Salma. She always puts me down. She loves me and she picks me when I fall. She always loses me and then she cries. She found me under her chair. One day my point was broken and she made [...]

The route for a better life

Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ a lot. Treat everyone you meet the way you want to be treated. Make new friends but remember the old ones. Don’t compare yourself with others. You can do your best! Keep secrets. Admit your mistakes. Try to listen rather than always talk. Try giving someone something rather than taking. [...]


Bees are insects which have six legs. They live in a bee hive which is made from honey collected from flowers. A queen rules the bees. Bees have good habits that many people do not have. Some of them are obeying the queen,  friendship and being  hardworking. Though bears eat the bees honey, man is [...]

The Battle of Gannoruwa

The Battle of Gannoruwa

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