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Light Fantastic Toes – 2013

Light Fantastic Toes – 2013

‘Light Fantastic Toes – 2013′, a concert by students of Kandy Royal International School.

My hobby

A hobby makes life interesting. It is a pursuit outside ones regular work. A hobby gives one joy and pleasure. It is a pastime and a form of relaxation. In this way while one is learning something he is also making good use of his time. My hobby is gardening. Gardening gives me immense pleasure. [...]


In a warm day, the sun shines brightly Suddenly it becomes cloudy and sun is blocked away; The clouds become darker and start to cry Little drops of water start falling on to ground Drip-drop… drip-drop… The cloud gets angry It gets darker and darker Water bursts into millions of drops… Oh…! It’s really crying [...]

My favourite storybooks

My favourite storybook is Lightning McQueen, Lightning McQueen is a racing car. Hornet is a world famous racing car. Lightning McQueen said to Hudson Hornet, “You have won the race and you have four piston cups. Hudson Hornet said I had lost the last race and I am out of season this last race, I [...]

A World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya is a World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka and is the first to be named so. It’s a rock fortress and so famous for its unique  creations. Sigiriya was built by King Kasyapa who ruled there for 18 years. He turned Sigiriya to an art  gallery with a complete city. There are paintings of women [...]

My best friend

My best friend is Dinee. She is good. She is ten years old. I like to play with her.  Dinee goes to Musaeus College. Her favourite food is pizza. Dinee has curly hair and she is fair. Dinee is kind. Her favourite sport is swimming because she can swim very well. Dinee has a beautiful [...]

An unforgettable birthday

My birthday is on December 5. I celebrated my ninth birthday this year. Though all my birthdays have been happy ones for me – this year I celebrated the best birthday ever. Do you know why? It was because we had our Primary Prefects’ Induction Ceremony on December 5 and I got the best gift [...]

The person who influenced my life in a significant way

There is one person in the whole wide world who has influenced my life in a most significant way. She is none other than my beloved mother.From the day I was born, my mother has been my friend, companion and guide. She has looked after me, cared for me like a precious jewel. I remember [...]


My name is Vinudi Vihasna Witharana. I am eight year old. I am a Sinhala Christian girl. I have one brother and no sisters. I live in Boralesgamuwa. I study at Ladies College. I am in Grade Four. My favourite subjects are Maths and Sinhala. My father’s name is Viraj Witharana. My mother’s name is [...]

My pets

My pets are two little kittens and one rabbit. They are very cute and cuddly. They sleep with me. The cats drink milk and water and eat rice and chicken. The rabbit eats carrots and water. My sister and I play with them. They have white fur. I love my pets very much. They love [...]

My favourite reading book

Well there are many kinds of books I like but my favourite book is ‘The Adventures of Tintin’. Tintin is a person who goes on adventures with his friends. Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, Thompson and Thomson certified detectives. I like Captain Haddock the most because he is funny, sometimes serious and trouble comes to him mostly. [...]


Punctuality is important for each person in the world. Being punctual means doing our work at the right time. A student who is punctual can stand first in his class, a doctor who is punctual can save many lives and a passenger who is punctual can catch his bus or train in time.  So here [...]

Kids in colour

To the Editor

Thank you Funday Times Heartfelt gratitude to all the aunties at Funday Times who gave us a memorable day at the Cargills Christmas Carnival last Saturday at Excel World. We enjoyed playing games and participating in fun-filled activities that were planned for us. Our favourite part of the day was all the rides we got to [...]

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