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When a power plant has to be shut down 26 times between its commissioning less than three years ago and today, questions will be asked. As we print this edition it has broken down again yesterday. Now how about some answers? On Wednesday, the Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant in Norochcholai was…



Let’s give them all a chance  to study

Let’s give them all a chance to study

Dressed in a pressed blue shirt and jeans with his meticulously styled hair, and speaking with a slight foreign accent, he looks like any other young Sri Lankan…

Heal the scars of a night of horror

It was quite a normal occurrence in their village of Kadirapura, close to Dehiattakandiya in the Ampara district. A thovil ceremony was to be held at a house…


Desperate pensioners have only one wish now; early exit from this world   From the date of implementation of a two-tier system- one quite handsome for those who…


Achcha had a big heart and embodied the noble tradition of service to others Sita Ranatunga Describing my grandmother and how much she meant to me and to…

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Funday Times

Light Fantastic Toes – 2013

Light Fantastic Toes – 2013

‘Light Fantastic Toes – 2013′, a concert by students of Kandy Royal International School.…

My hobby


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Impeachment of a CJ: Day of lightning and year of thunder

Impeachment of a CJ: Day of lightning and year of thunder

January 11, 2013 is Black day in the history of the judiciary in Sri Lanka and…

Ariel Sharon dead at 85

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Business Times

‘Kiri hodi’ taxes for the people

Prices of common ingredients to prepare the common ‘Kiri Hodi” curry and other essential food items…

Chairmen of 3 banks to retire this year

Economic data unbelievable-BT Poll

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