Pix by: Amila Prabodha, Hasitha Kulasekera &  Shelton Hettiarachchi


Odd pictures


Home free: With many parts of the North now de-mined, man and beast can run to their hearts' content

Food for thought: An impoverished family walks home on New Year's Day with donations from a benefactor. In front of them is a board advertising a supermarket chain's Christmas giveaways to customers

Changing lanes: When two-wheels fail you, take a three-wheel taxi!

Now it's only us: Mourning a husband and father who died from consuming illicit liquor in the North

A long day: A child struggles with boredom at a school event in the North

Man's best friend: No better support for a weary head than a faithful pet

Pix by: Amila Prabodha, Hasitha Kulasekera &  Shelton Hettiarachchi

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