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This week in History

This week in History

Kids’ world

My school My school is Republican International School. It was opened in 1990. My school principal is Mr. Subasinghe. He is very good and kind. Our vice-principal is Mr.Ushuf. Our administrator is Mr. Madavan. In our school there are 950 students and 95 teachers. In our school there is a computer lab, science lab, two offices [...]

Talented Club Members

Talented Club Members

The Tower of London | From a Young Reporter

My parents, brother and I went on a trip to England once. We went to see all sorts of places, but the most interesting place we saw was the Tower of London. This tower, originally built as a prison, is situated in the centre of London, next to the London Bridge. The Tower of London consists [...]

The policy adopted by King Vimaladharmasuriya

The policy adopted  by King Vimaladharmasuriya

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