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Look before you leap, casino ills run deep

The Government has had second thoughts on the concessions it is to give to the prospective investors in casinos — euphemistically called ‘strategic investment projects’; but has not abandoned the bigger issue — the opening of big-time casinos. The voices of religious leaders opposing the setting up of casinos are…



The Empire breaks free

The Empire breaks free

Rising high above the Colombo skyline are two buildings that define contemporary residential architecture within a city that is slowly changing its face. The two towers -one slightly…


She was the source of Familian perfectionism | Sr. Charles Koelmeyer As the word spreads in whispers that ‘Charlie’ is going walkabout, the incessant chatter of schoolgirls in the…

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Southern Expressway: Let’s stick to the speed limit. As a frequent user of the Southern Expressway, I would like to comment on an article in the Business Section…

A record-breaking medical trail

He had no role-model among family or friends, but his childhood yearning was fuelled by those on television panel discussions and books that he read. Following his dream to…

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Sanath blasts Kiwi apathy

Sanath blasts Kiwi apathy

The resting of the Kiwi stalwarts – their regular skipper Brendon McCallum and former captain Ross…

Lookout! Test-killing Lankan cricket is rolling over

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US, Australia face backlash over spy ops in Asia

US, Australia face backlash over spy ops in Asia

Already mired in a diplomatic crisis in Europe over National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance operations, Washington-as…

Nature’s changing moods in line drawings

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Slow progress at Packer’s casino site

Slow progress at Packer’s casino site

Work is proceeding very slowly at the site of Australian casino baron James Packer’s luxury integrated…

CCTV to nab reckless motorists on Katunayake Expressway

SL considers investments in foreign coal mines

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