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The end of King Vimaladharmasuriya

The end of King Vimaladharmasuriya

King Vimaladharmasuriya was suffering from a severe fever. No treatment seemed to answer. In May 1604, he died of this illness. He had two daughters and a son living here in the country. This king’s father happened to be a leader but not a very significant character. He was killed by King Rajasinghe of Sitawaka. [...]



The children of Royal College Colombo presented ‘Saga’, a concert of music and dance on Saturday, October 19,  at the Navarangahala. Keeping up the tradition for the eighth year in succession, the children put up a colourful show, including a fitting tribute to late director Titus Thotawatte. It was a memorable night as the children performed [...]

Christmas Cover

Hey Kids! It is time once again to think about the Funday Times Christmas Cover. We invite  our readers to send in their  paintings for the Christmas Cover Competition. Entries for the Christmas Cover should be of a suitable Christmas theme. You could use any type of paints or crayons you like but try to [...]

My father

My father’s name is Prabodha. He is tall and handsome. My father likes to eat rice and chicken. His favourite colour is blue. He works at Unilever. He cooks tasty food for me. He calls me Kitty Patiya and I call him my love. He is a loving and caring father. I am so lucky [...]

Chidren’s Day at my school

We celebrated Children’s Day on Tuesday October 1, 2013. My teacher told us on the previous day that there was a surprise for us. We were all excited to be sitting in our classrooms on Tuesday. The teacher walked in and wished all of us a ‘Happy Children’s Day’ and handed all of us a [...]

My chess tournament

It was an international chess tournament. It was held in the Public Library auditorium in Colombo from August 17 to 21, this year. There were more than 400 participants playing. They were of all age groups. I too participated in it. I played nine games with nine opponents. I got only a few marks but [...]

My holiday trip to France

My family and I went to France by air. We went with our friends. We first went to a park and to have some fun. Later we went to a hotel called ‘Four Seasons’. On the right side there was a McDonalds. There was a huge play area. After eating we went to play for [...]

My best friend

My best friend is Andrew Terrace Gaye. He is a fair and short boy. He has brown hair. He goes to Wesley College. He is 12 years old and is in Grade Seven. He lives in Kohuwala. He has one sister and no brothers. He is very clever in his work. His favourite food is [...]


“What happened today? What happened last week?” These are exciting questions that are raised in our minds. There are many answers for these questions and they are changing every day. But the best answer is News. We can read or listen to the news all over the world. We get news from many modes of [...]

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