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This article is part of a continuing series on the ‘Mahavamsa,’ the recorded chronicle of Sri Lankan history


The rebels named ‘Panikki’ attacked the Matara Dissava. Then Mudliyar Samarakoon sent messages to Colombo, asking for help. Accordingly, the general went there with an army and chased the rebels. The lands conquered by the rebels were taken back.

The general returned to Colombo. Once again, he marched to attack the Four-Korales. It is then that Mudliyar Samarakoon began to suspect the general. He also received information to the effect that the general was following a lukewarm policy. The general took Mudliyar Samarakoon as a prisoner.

He named Samarakoon as a dangerous prisoner. As such he was handcuffed, chained with an iron chain and sent to Goa. The Viceroy there, knew how very loyal this Mudliyar was, to the Portuguese. So he immediately set him free and appointed him as the Captain of Goa.

This post of Captain was a high rank, second only to the post of Viceroy. The one who holds this post had a claim to a seat in the legislative assembly as well. Thereafter, Mudliyar Samarakoon never came to Sri Lanka. He worked in different areas, where the Portuguese held supremacy and received a high salary as remuneration.

Mudliyar Samarakoon was able to lead a comfortable and happy life. While he was serving as the Captain of Ormus he passed away. The Portuguese conducted his funeral rites in a very grand manner. After the demise of Mudliyar Samarakoon, Don Constantine Navaratne was appointed the Dissava of Matara.

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