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Vital agenda for India’s EAM

The Indian Minister of External Affairs is scheduled to arrive in Sri Lanka tomorrow (Oct. 7); and every such visit is of significance given the twists and turns in the bi-lateral relations between the two South Asian neighbours. A former President of Sri Lanka on touching down at New Delhi’s Palam airport (since renamed) said [...]

PC polls: Bitter-sweet outcome for Govt.

“Two States; Two Parties” exclaimed a wag punning on yesteryear’s famous quote of a famous man, Dr. Colvin R. De Silva – “One Language; Two States/Two Languages; One State” to describe the North-South divide of the time. What the wag was referring to, of course, was the overwhelming electoral victories in the South by the ruling [...]

Finance Companies: The same old story

That this country has suffered several rounds of finance company collapses is a published fact. Each time one falls, and thousands of families are left in the lurch, the role of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), which purportedly regulates these institutions, comes under intense scrutiny. Industry experts have repeatedly highlighted the weaknesses of [...]

Ghosts of the past

As the campaigning for the Northern Province Provincial Council election builds up steam in this final week, the front-runner for the post of Chief Minister is sending smoke signals that are going to cause serious alarm. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA)’s chief ministerial candidate C. V. Wigneswaran is going around praising the LTTE’s slain leader [...]

Pillorying Pillay

The bombshell that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights left behind last week on the eve of her departure after a week-long tour ought not really to have been a great shock. That the Government made a mess of her visit, not entirely, but in part is even admitted by the highest in the [...]

Dealing with the world’s dictator

The situation in Syria has brought the world once again to the brink of war. The United States, the self-appointed world policeman, says it has “credible evidence” that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons against its own people in what — whoever did it — was a despicable act and indeed a crime against humanity. [...]

Welcome Ms. Pillay

Today’s arrival in Sri Lanka of the Geneva-based UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) bears testimony to the stark reality that the modern world is framed in such a way that countries that dare stand up to the economically and militarily more powerful Western nations, especially the US, are condemned to be scrutinised down [...]

Food and drink: State must ensure quality

The imported milk food crisis that is playing all over the media these days has now been elevated to a cabinet-level committee with doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, sports medicine specialists, public health inspectors, milk producers, exporters and importers, Health Ministry officials, GMOA frontliners all in the fray. The bottom line seems to be that one of [...]

Release the police from their political prison

Seers predict that in the future, like in the past, wars will be fought over water. For water is life. In ancient times, the Buddha had to engage in conflict resolution time and again between the many clans in northern India over water issues. Once, he told the Litcchavi clan how to settle a dispute [...]

Casinos may turn tables on Lanka

Four years after the war ended, Sri Lanka is far from achieving its tourism targets. Revenue from the sector is flat and none of the usual gimmicks has worked. Investment isn’t booming either other than from two competing state actors, India and China. These are, of course, “investments” of a different kind. So the Government [...]

The choice of leaders; not people

An Opposition MP defected to the Government ranks on Wednesday in what was purportedly ‘news’ only because the widely expected ‘jump’ was strenuously denied all along by the young lawmaker. He said he was quitting his seat in Parliament to contest the forthcoming provincial elections on behalf of the ruling party, opting to be a [...]

Let’s go beyond the ethnic issue

It was during a week like this, 30 years ago (July 23, 1983), that this country experienced a game-changer; a watershed in its modern history. This was the July 1983 riots triggered from the ambush and killing of 13 soldiers, including a young officer at Thinnaveli in Jaffna by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). [...]

Review the ‘coerced’ Indo-Lanka Accord

The visit by the Indian National Security Advisor Shivshankar Menon, a one-time High Commissioner in Colombo, was the ‘umpteenth’ visit by an Indian diplomat — from the days of G. Parthasarathy and Romesh Bhandari three decades ago to now, carrying New Delhi’s veiled directives on how the Government in Colombo must carry out its business. [...]

Watch your step when dealing with India

Politics is a bundle of contradictions and double-speak and it was on display in full this week as President Mahinda Rajapaksa sent his brother, Basil as a special envoy to brief the Government of India on the 13th Amendment (13A) having said earlier in the week that he gave promises only to the Sri Lankan [...]

Education: Time to right the wrongs

A recent joint UNESCO/UNICEF report on secondary education, i.e. school-going children, has rightfully caught the attention of the media. Having done a survey, the report states that 98 per cent of Sri Lanka’s children do attend school. That indeed is a proud achievement, if a rare one, for the country. Sri Lanka’s ‘Free Education’ policy [...]

Poson reflections: Save our heritage

Week after week, the country’s archaeological sites, our national heritage, are ransacked by organised gangs. Treasure hunters in Sri Lanka no longer waste their time furtively chipping away at ancient monuments with rudimentary implements. They hire large, conspicuous, backhoes. They also bring a kattadiya who conducts rituals to appease the deities before the dastardly deed [...]

13th Amendment: Let the people decide

It would seem that the Government has got into a right royal jam with the 13th Amendment (13A) to the Constitution. Under pressure from India once again, and the Western countries on the one side, and counter-pressure from domestic forces adamantly opposing its continuance, the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been boxed into a corner. [...]

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