Are you a graduate teacher seeking to add a Bachelor of Education degree to your profile? Or are you a diploma holding teacher with experience looking to study for a degree,which would permit you to broaden your horizons in the education field? Horizon City Campus now offers you the opportunity of reading for a UGC [...]

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Study for a recognised bachelor of education (B.Ed.) degree at Horizon Campus

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Are you a graduate teacher seeking to add a Bachelor of Education degree to your profile? Or are you a diploma holding teacher with experience looking to study for a degree,which would permit you to broaden your horizons in the education field? Horizon City Campus now offers you the opportunity of reading for a UGC Sri Lanka & India recognized Bachelor of Education(B.Ed.)degree from the Karnataka State Open University(KSOU), offered through Horizon Campus, Sri Lanka.The opportunities for higher education in the field of education are many. There are many an institution, which may offer you a plethora of diploma/degree programmes in pre-school and secondary school education. Your interests may vary according to the programme of study or the particular university or the facilities on offer. Following are some of the questions and answers that we at Horizon City Campus believe, would help you in making that correct choice for your future.

Q. If we give a brief history of Horizon Campus?

A. Horizon College International and Horizon Campus were established in the beautiful, stress free environment and landscape of Malabe, under the able guidance of its CEO, Mr.Upul Daranagama. Horizon Campus was inaugurated three years back and has thus far delivered diploma/degree programmes in several fields of study.

Horizon has now established its “City” Campus in the heart of Colombo, with student convenience and affordability in mind. Though the location of the City campus is at the heart of Colombo, the management of Horizon has endeavored to keep to its ideals of providing a serene and holistic atmosphere for students.

Thus, choosing a setting that mirrors its idealogy of a campus location to deliver its degree programmes.

Q.What is the history& recognition of KSOU?

A:Karnataka State Open University(KSOU) was established in 1996 under the University Act of 1992, in India.It is a member of The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and recognized by the University Grants Commission of both India and Sri Lanka, to achieve the objectives of a) Democratizing higher education by taking education to the doorsteps of the learners, b) Providing access to high quality education to all those who seek it irrespective of age, religion and gender, c)Offering need-based academic programmes by giving professional and vocational orientation to the courses, d) as an apex body, setting and maintaining standards in distance education in the country and Promoting and developing distance education across the globe.

Q.What are the degrees presently offered by KSOU

A: Horizon Campus presently offers two degree programmes from the Karnataka State Open University, India, namely the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme & the B.Sc. in Psychology programme.

Q. What are the objectives of the B.Ed. degree programme?

A: The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Programme of KSOU aims at developing the Understanding and competencies required by practising teachers for effective teaching-learning process at the secondary stage. The programme also provides opportunities of sharing experiences gained by practising teachers. It enables in-service teachers to select and organize learning experiences according to the requirement of learners. In addition, it provides knowledge and develops in them an understanding of areas such as educational evaluation, school management, child development etc.

Q. What is the course duration of the programme?

A: The minimum duration of the program is three years. However, the maximum period allowed for completion of the program will be six years in total.

Q. What are the basic entry criteria to the degree programme?

A: Graduates with a degree in any discipline could apply for the degree programme. However, if one is not a graduate, two simple passes at A/L’s with a recognized teaching Diploma (Preferrably a 1 year programme) with one year’s teaching experience, would satisfy the eligibility to the programme..

Q. Does the programme consist of a practical aspect to the teaching structure?

A: The programme is essentially a judicious mix of theory and practical courses to develop Knowledge, skills and attitude in practicing teachers. Illustrations and cases of relevant Situations and activities comprise the core of each course. Keeping this in view, the programme consists ofa) Core Courses, b) Content-based Methodology Courses and c) Practical Courses with the expected active participation of students in lectures and practical activities.

Q. What about the Teaching Faculty?

A: Not only are we offering a range of degrees, but also recruited a vibrant and enthusiastic panel of lecturers, under whose guidance the degree programme could be completed within a period of three years. The lecture panel in particular, comprise of academics and professionals who have the knowledge and practical experience, in their respective fields, and who are prepared to mentor students through the period of study. The current lecture panel also include academics from India, who have been vetted by the University and are resident in Sri Lanka to deliver continuous lectures on the programme

Q. How convenient is it for a working adult to follow the Degree Programmes?

A: While studying for a degree is a challenging task, we at Horizon have planned to have the classes during the weekend, providing ample opportunity for the students to self-study. The added advantage of the programme schedule at Horizon lies in the fact that students are also able to continue with a degree, while being employed at the same time.

Q. What about the pass rate of students who have followed the at horizon Campus?

A: Horizon Campus is proud in its achievement of a 100% pass rate of students who are presently registered on the programme. A particular point of significance is the fact that distinction have been achieved in all the exams conducted thus far by the KSOU (India).

Q. How do I get in contact with Horizon City Campus?

A: You could always get in contact with one of our well trained cordinators via the following numbers or visit us on For inquiries on the Degree Programmes and Registration, Call Jeevanthi on 0712 40 77 77/0112 369 201/2. You could also visit us at 7, KirimandalaMawatha, Colombo 5

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