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Dealing with the world’s dictator

The situation in Syria has brought the world once again to the brink of war. The United States, the self-appointed world policeman, says it has “credible evidence” that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons against its own people in what — whoever did it — was a despicable act and…



Beven’s back

Beven’s back

Beven is back with a flourish of colour to bring to “life” the ordinary man on the street……..the youth who works in the shoe-shop and the trishaw driver…

“I had lunch with the Pope”

Imagine receiving a mail from the Vatican with the news that you have been chosen to visit another country to meet the most influential religious leader in the…

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Declining quality of Parliament debates: Who’s responsible? The poor quality of our politicians, their arrogance and lack of erudition become evident if one were to watch Parliamentary proceedings.…


A kind-hearted, generous friend who will live on in our hearts Senarath Syambalangamuwa On August 10, 2013, I was listening to the Buddhist monk who was delivering the…

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Funday Times

Kids’ world

Simple ways to protect the environment Environment pollution has greatly affected the Earth. We are constantly…

An interview with a businessman

De Mazenod Sportsmeet

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Sunday Times 2

Britain’s retreat from free speech

Britain’s retreat from free speech

NEW YORK – The ordeal of David Miranda — the partner of Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald…

A cardio-thoracic project in Jaffna with patients’ best interest at heart

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Kick-starting a change from within

Kick-starting a change from within

Even before he cast his wife Deepa Purohit in the lead role, Sanjit de Silva knew…

Uplifting crafts and communities

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